Christmas Pictures - Free Wallpaper and Clip Art Sources for Kids This Christmas
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Christmas Pictures - Free Wallpaper and Clip Art Sources for Kids This Christmas

List of free Christmas clip art, pictures, and wallpaper sources for kids and holiday projects.

Looking for inspiring Christmas pictures for projects and the kids this holiday season?  Free wallpaper and clip art sources are in abundance on the web for Christmas, but where are best sources and what site offers what it is you're looking for?  Christmas wallpaper is fun to have as a screensaver and clip art works great for school projects as well as for holiday cards and fun emails.  Check here for free clip art, pictures, and, wallpaper websites to visit for your Christmas projects.

Webweavers Free Clip Art has pages of fun colorful and animated images in their Christmas pictures selection.  The colors are vibrant.  Their unique images have a rabbit playing humorously in the snow, a calendar opened to December 25th, and an alligator wearing sunglasses and a Santa hat.  There are twelve Christmas categories altogether for wallpaper and clip art.

Christmas-Graphics Plus is a great site to visit if you love Christmas trees with detailed ornaments and beautifully decorated.  Some pictures are live and animated as well.  A host of wallpaper and clip art choices exist on this site on anything from Christmas trees to Santa, to elves, to candy canes, wreaths, and beyond.  You can go as simple or as elaborate as you want with gorgeous art styles.

Lee Hansen Graphics has what you're looking for if you want fun, whimsical borders for art projects.  It's also good for the kids to have fun with the clip art borders as well for creative items they're making on the computer. You can have snowflake, Christmas trees, candy canes, and bell borders on this site to complete your holiday creation. is perfect for vintage clip art images.  If you're seeking a more classic and traditional look for your Christmas art, this is an ideal site to check out for free pictures. has elaborate paintings of Christmas and holiday celebrations if you desire detailed oil and acrylic paintings, also vintage in style.  If the kids don't go for this theme, the adults surely will for their screensavers! displays several free images for ease in selecting any type of clip art you're wanting for Christmas.  Kids will also enjoy the fun in seeing a bunch of fun choices on this site because it's clean and not too busy.

Free Gifs and Animations (yes, that's Gifs, not gifts) has active animations of Santa and an elf teeter-tottering, ornaments blinking "Merry Christmas," candles with flickering flames, and flying reindeer to name a few.  The animations are very active and will keep and kid or adult's attention for lots of entertainment.

These links also provide a lot of free Christmas wallpaper options if they weren't mentioned by the links. There are plenty of websites to visit for free pictures, clip art, and wallpaper.  Parents, teachers, and kids will find something they're looking for in at least one of these sites for their Christmas holiday projects or cards.

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