Chocolates, Chocolates.... 10 Most Delicious Chocolates of the World
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Chocolates, Chocolates.... 10 Most Delicious Chocolates of the World

Here are the 10 Top-Most Chocolates of the World. They are the Most Expensive and Delicious Chocolates of the Wolrd.

Inevitably, chocolate has to reign as the most favorite delicacy around the world. No wonder, in the United States of America alone an estimated 3.5 billion pounds of chocolate is eaten every year! Made from the South American-origin cocoa beans which have been by tradition acclaimed the “food of the gods”, chocolates are manufactured and marketed under various brands in a wide spectrum of tastes, colors, flavors and themes. Though cocoa contains caffeine, the level of caffeine in most chocolates is not up to a health hazard.

Chocolates can make you happy and enthusiastic because of the presence of the phenylethylamine. When phenylethylamine combines with sugar, fat and caffeine, the enzymes serotonin and endorphins are released and they in turn make you feel happy and enthusiastic. Chocolate has reportedly therapeutic effects also. It is can help control pre-menstrual syndromes, depression, high blood pressure, tumors and the like. Among the umpteen varieties of chocolates available, there are some very delicious and costly types. Here I am giving you a brief introduction to the 10 topmost delicious and costliest chocolates of the world.

1. Chocopologie Chocolate from Fritz Knipschildt

The costliest chocolate is arguably the Chocopologie by Knipschildt. This queen of chocolates will cost you approximately $2,600 a pound. This rare, pricy and precious delicacy was formulated and produced by Fritz Knipschildt in the year 1999. Among the repertoire of Fritz Knipschildt, the most expensive chocolate is a dark chocolate truffle. This dark chocolate truffle is sold for $250. You need to pre-order the chocolate directly form the company.

2. Chocolates from Noka

The Noka Vintages Collection is another costly chocolate variety. It can cost you anywhere around $870 a pound. The manufacturers claim that Noka Vintages collection is from the finest dark chocolates found in Ecuador, Trinidad, Venezuela, and Cote d'Ivoire. They claim that it is more nutritious and safe than other varieties because they do not use soy lecithin or vanilla in their chocolates. This variety is very popular among chocolate lovers.

3. Richard Donnelly Chocolate

Richard Donnelly is another popular chocolate variety which is among the expensive category. Richard Donnelly chocolate will cost you around $75 a pound. The manufacturer claims that Richard Donnelly chocolates are hand-made. They regularly introduce new varieties which are readily accepted by the chocolate lovers. Richard Donnelly chocolates are the best selling chocolate bars in the U.S.

4. Vosges Haut Chocolate

Vosges Haut Chocolate is a popular variety of chocolate that is on the high-end category. A pound of Vosges Haut Chocolate may cost you approximately $ 75. They use several signature flavors in the manufacture of the Vosges Haut Chocolate. The varieties include milk chocolate with Sweet Indian Curry and coconut.

5. Chuao Chocolate

The Chuao Chocolate may cost you approximately $80 a pound. Its name comes from the region Chuao which is located in Venezuela. The manufactures of the Chuao Chocolate variety claim that they do not use preservatives in their chocolates. Also they claim that the Chuao Chocolate varieties are made from pure natural ingredients.

6. Debauve & Gallais Chocolate

Debauve & Gallais Chocolate is another popular variety of chocolates. The manufacturers claim that the Debauve & Gallais Chocolates are made from pure ingredients. These are low in sugar and the quality of the cocoa is high. The manufactures claim that no dyes, preservatives or any other additives are used in Debauve & Gallais Chocolates. The chocolate is sold around $100 a pound.

7. Pierre Marcolini Chocolate

A very popular and expensive chocolate variety is the Pierre Marcolini Chocolate. If you buy Pierre Marcolini Chocolate, it will cost you around $105 a pound. The manufacturers claim that the finest variety of cocoa is used in the Pierre Marcolini Chocolates. There are various combinations of ingredients depending on the type of truffle.

8. Richart Chocolate

Richart Chocolate variety is said to be made form the Criolla cocoa of the Venezuelan region. This type of cocoa is believed to be the best cocoa in the world. The manufacturers claim that the Richart Chocolate uses 70% Criollo cocoa in its manufacturing. One pound of Richart Chocolate will cost you approximately $125.

9. Godiva "G" Collection Chocolate

Godiva "G" Collection Chocolate is a popular variety of chocolate in the costly category. Godiva "G" Collection Chocolate costs around $120 a pound. The "G" Collection is a recent introduction to Godiva. The manufactures claim that Godiva "G" Collection Chocolate is made with premium cocoa beans and many other types of ingredients. They offer variety Godiva "G" Collection Chocolate in different combinations.

10. Delafee Chocolate

Delafee Chocolate is among the costly class of chocolates. It will cost you approximately $ 525 a pound. This chocolate has the rare distinction of having the ingredient of the flakes of edible 24-karat gold. The manufacturers claim that the Delafee Chocolate is made form pure cocoa beans.



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Comments (2)

Excellent choices but I should have mentionned these of Neuhaus in Belgium too. It is the most famous Belgian chocolatier since 1987. Godiva is also Belgian chocolate. I agree chocolate can make you happy and dark chocolate contains also iron which is good for your health. Great article.

Another excellent discussion.