Cheap and Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas
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Cheap and Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas

Cheap Halloween costumes

Cheap and Easy homemade Halloween costume ideas

When putting together a homemade Halloween costume it may cost you less money, but takes a lot more creativity and patience. Right now with the recession many families are trying to find the cheapest ways of living. Holidays coming up such as Halloween this year 2009 will be no different. Families will be looking for frugal, cheap, and homemade Halloween costumes that will not only fit their budget, but make their kids happy. How do you make a homemade Halloween costume that will be cheap enough to fit your budget?

Believe it or not the best place to look for costume ideas for Halloween is your home. Take a look around your home and find items such as old clothing, belts, hats, pajamas, shoes, leftover Halloween costumes from the following year, costume jewelry, or even sweatpants of different colors. Pajamas are great to use as part of the Halloween costume. Pajamas are warm, cheap, and can be used in so many different ways. Below is a list of homemade Halloween costumes that are fun, easy, cheap, creative, and will not cost you a fortune. Matter of fact these cheap and easy Halloween costumes ideas may cost you nothing if you have the items in your home.

Pajama nerd- This cheap and easy homemade Halloween costume is great for infants, toddlers, teens, and adults. Why not have Halloween costumes where you will be warm, funny, and creative at the same time? A pajama nerd Halloween costume is great for anyone on a budget. You will need a pair of pajamas (either a one piece or two pieces), thick black glasses (taped in the middle), parted in the middle greased up hair (for boy), pigtails for girl, two different colored socks, place shoes on the wrong feet, suspenders (if wearing pajama separates, real short tie, white fabric to make pocket to hold pens, and a name tag with your named spelled wrong.

To make your pajama nerd Halloween costume you will need to make your name tag, and pen holder. Cut out a square from the white fabric. Make the square extra big. Now glue the square onto the pajama top leaving an opening to place the pens into. Make sure you will be able to fit 3-4 pens or crayons. For the name tag use a colored sticky note. Make the first few letters or last letters of your name spelled wrong. Then scratch it out and place your name the right way underneath.

If you decide on the pajama separates make sure the pants are high waters.

Twister Halloween costume- Here is another Easy and cheap homemade Halloween costume for all. Twister is an all time favorite family game that can be turned into a very creative costume. I will give you the options for a girl and boy Twister costume.

Girl Twister Halloween costume- For this easy and cheap costume you will need a white sleeveless mini dress, red knee highs, red shoes (or slippers), red, green, yellow, and blue fabric (or markers), glue if using fabric, piece of white cardboard, spinner (from an old game), string, and bright red lipstick.

To make the girl Twister Halloween costume you will need to decide if you are using fabric or markers for the Twister circles on the dress. Regardless of which choice you choose lay the dress down flat and start decorating. Make a line of each Twister color down on the dress. For instance; start with one blue circle at the top of the dress and make 5 other blue circles going down to the bottom of the dress. Then continue with the other colors. Once the dress is complete move on to the next step, which is the head piece.

For the Twister headpiece you will need to make a huge square by using white cardboard. Once the cardboard is cut out make a hole in the middle big enough to place the spinner into. Fasten the spinner into the headpiece. Now you need to take a red, green, blue, and yellow marker (or fabric) and make Twister circles. Make enough to cover the board.

Punch a hole on each side of headpiece big enough to pull string through. Pull the string through to create a hat look. Put on bright red lipstick and you have a easy and cheap homemade Halloween costume.

Boy Twister Halloween costume- The only thing different with this Twister costume is you will need a white shirt and shorts, white socks, and white slippers and no lipstick. You could paint the boy’s lips blue to make it more fun.

Other easy and cheap homemade Halloween costume ideas are a pajama princess, Pillsbury Doughboy, sea creature, tube of candy, chef, alien, monster, and more.

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I love these ideas.

Great ideas. I especially love the pajama one!