Budgeting For Business By Lowering Web Hosting Costs
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Budgeting For Business By Lowering Web Hosting Costs

How to effectively research and locate a web hosting company that helps lower overall business costs.

In light of the current economic situation, severe belt tightening has become routine. Being budget conscious isn't simply for the individual - online businesses can benefit from a bit of expense trimming here and there. One way to cut costs is to research and locate a web hosting company that offers a lot of bang for the buck.

There are several factors to keep in mind when searching for a new low-cost hosting company. However, four key elements should be researched in-depth to ensure the best quality for the money. These elements are reliability, features, customer support and long-term cost.


Reliability is essential to ensuring a business web site is accessible at all times. Good web hosting companies will proudly display their up-time percentage (anything above 99% guaranteed is recommended), information with regard to their facilities and servers, and will offer a refund of some amount if ever their up-time guarantee is not met.

Spotty connections and servers that are overloaded indicate a web hosting company to steer clear of. One simple way to check how well a web hosting company's servers are running is to use HostTracker. Find a web site or two that utilizes the hosting company and check out how well it fairs with HostTracker's instant site availability checker.


The next key element to suss out is what is offered with a hosting account. The very best hosting providers load their accounts with tons of unlimited features – web space, bandwidth, domains per account and e-mail accounts are just a few that many hosting companies offer. The more unlimited features allowed with a basic web hosting account, the more a business will get for its monthly dollar.

Keeping in mind the features offered, it is important to see what add-on scripts and scripting languages are available and enabled. PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails and Python, at a minimum, should be activated to allow for third party scripting.

Customer Support

In a perfectly hosted world, no one would need to avail upon customer support offerings. In reality, due to the myriad of possible combinations of things that can clash and go horribly wrong, knowing that a support structure is in place within ones hosting company can mean the difference between calm and sheer panic.

At the very least, a web hosting company site should have easy access to a support center that includes FAQs, a knowledge base, e-mail or ticketed support and a toll-free number to contact. While being able to contact support 24x7 is ideal, having it available and manned during business hours is minimally acceptable.


It is very easy to find web hosting companies offering monthly specials and, at first, this can seem like a bargain. However, more often than not, these specials last for a year at the most and then revert back to the original pricing. Fortunately, there are quite a few web hosting providers that offer regular monthly accounts from between $3.00 to $7.00 a month. A very reasonable cost especially when adding in the reliability, features and customer support.

One of the better web sites available that covers quite a lot of the previously mentioned key elements is Inexpensive-Web-Hosting.com. This site lists out the basics with regard to disk space, bandwidth, domain allocations and overall score. To save time on manual researching, this site is highly recommended as it also gives a review of each web hosting site listed and provides a quick link for personal perusal.


The bottom line is this, there are many ways an online business can start to cut costs and survive during a down economy. One of the best and simplest ways is to research and locate a good low-cost web hosting provider.

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