Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts
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Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Nice Thanksgiving hostess gifts don't have to break the bank. Here are some budget gift ideas that any hostess will love.

Thanksgiving hostesses go to a lot of trouble to make certain that everyone enjoys the holiday. Housecleaning, decorating and meal planning can take days. Every step in a Thanksgiving Day celebration is carefully choreographed by a hostess for the enjoyment of all attendees.

It is not uncommon for guests to want to do something for the hostess in return for all of her trouble. A small hostess gift is always a welcome gesture. The gift need not be elaborate or expensive. It just needs to be something that is carefully chosen and of good quality.

Are you looking for an inexpensive or budget Thanksgiving hostess gift to give this holiday? If so, this list has some great ideas that you will get started on your search.

Budget Thanksgiving Gift Idea #1

Small filled baskets make nice gifts. These can include a loaf of homemade bread in a basket, holiday kitchen accessories or other small items. The basket is included as part of the gift along with anything in it. Tie a colorful fall bow to the handle.

Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea #2

Thanksgiving themed decorations make lovely gifts. A few ideas include Thanksgiving figurines, a Thanksgiving themed kitchen towel and oven mitt, pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, silk plant or cornucopia.

Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea #3

Candles are almost always the perfect gift. They add a welcoming elegant touch to the home of the hostess. Candles in orange, brown, tan and other warm fall colors are especially good. Scents in pumpkin, spice and cinnamon are good choices.

Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea #4

Specialty teas or food make a nice gift. Put a small package of imported cookies and individual free trade coffee or a few tea bags in a mug. Wrap everything in clear cellophane and add an orange bow. Alternatively, put a box of cookies together with the coffee or tea. Wrap in cellophane or use a cello bag. Tie with ribbon.

Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea #5

For the hostess who enjoys reading there is no better gift than a book. Choose a book of poetry, an inexpensive inspirational book about Thanksgiving, a book of quotes or a small book about something the hostess is passionate about.

Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea #6

A small candy dish or trinket box that can be used all year is often appreciated. Select a crystal box or glossy ceramic box.

Budget Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea #7

What’s better for storing memories than a photo album or frame? These are inexpensive but thoughtful. They can be picked up almost anywhere and are sure to be appreciated by any hostess.

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