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BooksFree is like Netflix for books. They allow you to rent books via mail, and select as many or as few as you want to have out at a time.

In addition to paperback books, BooksFree also rents:

  • Children’s books
  • CD Audiobooks
  • MP-3 CD Audiobooks

You can choose plans that allow you to rent books in any combination of the above types.

There are several advantages to renting books from BooksFree:

  • Free shipping to and from your home
  • No late fees or due dates allows you to keep books as long as you like
  • In-stock guarantee
BooksFree: What makes it different?
  • BooksFree has out of print titles that are difficult to find in bookstores and libraries.
  • BooksFree has plans that allow you to mix and match book types that you wish to receive.
  • You do not need to have a credit card to join BooksFree. They will allow you to pay via a direct debit of your checking account.
  • You can pay monthly, annually and semi-annually.
  • BooksFree allows you to rent books À La Carte.
BooksFree vs. primary competitors (sites similar to BooksFree)

BookSwim is the closest competitor to BooksFree. Unlike BooksFree, BookSwim has a one book out at a time plan. Unfortunately, it’s only $1 less than the 2 books out at a time plan at BooksFree.

BookSwim does not offer children’s books or books on CD. The thing that BookSwim has that BooksFree does not is hardcover books.

BookSwim does not have an in-stock guarantee like BooksFree does. BookSwim only claims to carry popular books, whereas BooksFree claims to carry many out-of-stock and hard-to-find books.

The BookSwim website currently claims to be the only Netflix-style book rental service. Not only is that no longer the case, but BooksFree seems to have eclipsed BookSwim in price and number of titles carried.

The bottom line here is that BooksFree carries more books and harder to find books. BookSwim is necessary only if you want hardcovers.

BooksFree: Product images & screenshots
BooksFree Coupons
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BooksFree: Detailed review

BooksFree may not be the first Netflix-style online book renter, but it is easily the best. The BookSwim site offers many of the same features the Netflix website does such as:

  • Easily editable book queue
  • Book suggestions based on your ratings
  • A video tour of site features and functionality for new users

BooksFree has been around since 2000, however I’d never heard of them before. I can only assume that’s because they have not marketed nationwide prior to now. The service is an excellent choice for people who are too busy to go to the library, but still love to read. An excellent niche market for these books is people who travel for their jobs.

There are several advantages to renting books from BooksFree:

  • Online book ratings and reviews help you to pick books you’ll love and avoid those that won’t hold your interest.
  • BooksFree has the largest selection of paperbacks, children’s books and books on CD.
  • BooksFree will notify you when your favorite author releases a new title.
  • You can keep books by paying a discounted price for them.

Online ratings were hard to find. There was only 1 review for BooksFree on ViewPoints, and that received 5 out of 5 stars. The reviewer had this to say:

I found It is the Net Fliks of book sites. You pay a monthly fee for a certain number of books, and they send them to you with a return mailer. Fantastic. They also take donations of books, and you can purchase a book if you fall in love with it.” – TaraLee

The bottom line is that BooksFree is better than the competition. They obviously cannot beat the library for price, but if you need rare and hard to find books then they just might be better. Also, the library doesn’t deliver to your door.

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