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BodyMedia Fit offers consumers a complete weight loss monitor program. The BodyMedia Fit System monitors your activity, calories, and sleep patterns. Their clinical trials have proven that this holistic approach can help you safely lose up to 3 times more weight. It's like having your own personal trainer.

The BodyMedia Fit weight management system includes:

  • An armband monitor
  • An online Activity Manager
  • An optional display
  • Free Apps for iPhone® or Android™ smartphone users

The BodyMedia Fit automatically tracks your daily activity and sleep patterns. The easy to use food log converts your intake to calories. Taken together you have the vital information necessary to monitor and improve your personal weight loss goals.

The BodyMedia Armband, Display, Activity Manager

Body Media: What makes it different?

Most applications available online are nothing more than a diet journal. BodyMedia Fit System monitors your specific body activity, food intake, and sleep habit providing you with a better understanding of how you and your body work. This knowledge leads to a lifestyle habit change to meet your weight loss goal and maintain a healthy lifetime weight.

Not only is the BodyMedia Fit System available online, you can pick it up at Costco, Target, CVS, and Best Buy.

Body Media vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Body Media)

The only product found that can compete with the BodyMedia Fit System is Fitness Assistant for Windows. This is a $49.95 software download for your computer. Once installed, you feed in your daily food intake and exercize details. The program evaluates your data and gives you feedback to keep you on track for your targeted weight loss goal date. Feedback example may be an adjustment to portion size. The program allows you to eat the foods you like. The diet is only a guideline.

Any members of the same household can use the same program without additional charge. Not so for the BodyMedia Fit System, each person needs their own system because it is a constant personal body measuring devise.

Body Media: Product images & screenshots
Body Media Coupons
Body Media: Detailed review

Anyone who is struggling with losing weight knows that changing eating habits and committing to an exercise regime are key to success. However, trying to keep track of daily intake and activity is like taking on another full time job. The BodyMedia Fit System has taken all this into account and come up with a system that incorporates new technology to guide you along the path to your weight loss goals.

There are 3 key elements to weight loss.

  1. Calories Burned - An accurate (90%) account of your daily expended energy through eveyday routine movements to heavy exercise are provided for your unique body through the sensors of the armband.
  2. Calories Consumed - What you put into you body provides fuel known as calories. It is important to know that you are consuming what your body needs in regards to fiber, carbs, fat, etc. BodyMedia FIT provides a detailed nutritional breakdown for you.
  3. Quantity and Quality of Sleep - Scientists, through their research, are realizing that proper sleep plays a significant role in weight loss by helping suppress your appetite and maintaining your energy.

BodyMedia FIT System works by monitoring your body daily. You plug the armband into your computer to upload the data once a day. You log in your food intake by computer or a free app on your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone. The Activity Manager then uses the data to give you a report of your progress toward your weight loss goal.

Armband Sensors

Wendy Bumgardner, an actual user, has a review of this product (under its previous name, GoWear Fit) pointing out some additional observances that are not apparent through the website like battery life and why you want to have the display unit. A comment on her review shows that another customer was not happy with company support.

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