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Zenonia 3 Walkthrough and Guide

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This is the walkthrough of Zenonia 3, the popular Android game.


Table of Contents


**If you want to find a specific place in this walkthrough, press Ctrl+F and

copy the code listed below.**

I. Version History

II. Introduction

III. Basics

1. Sword Knight............................(K00)

2. Shadow Hunter...........................(H64)

3. Mechanic Launcher.......................(L97)

4. Nature Shaman...........................(N48)

5. Sheathe Stones..........................(S40)

6. Combining/Refining/Mining...............(C38)

7. Fairy...................................(F15)

8. Medals..................................(M68)

9. Execution Room..........................(X89)

10. Player vs. Player.......................(P71)

11. Tips & Tricks...........................(K08)

IV. Walkthrough

1. Outer Iris..............................(R56)

2. Akun Temple Altar.......................(A79)

3. Town of Delfoy..........................(D11)

4. Shade Woods.............................(P72)

5. Lorela River............................(L52)

6. Maru Island.............................(M83)

7. Cloud Plateau...........................(P44)

8. Elraum Valley...........................(G84)

9. Kanak Canyon............................(K50)

10. Roku Mines..............................(R71)

11. Venedoom Cave...........................(V99)

12. Historic Site...........................(H10)

13. Nifel Fortress..........................(F22)

14. Dungeon Labyrinth of Antione............(A87)

V. Contact.......................................(O24)

VI. Legal........................................(T55)

VII. Credits.....................................(BBQ)


I. Version History


Version 1.0 - First submission. Walkthrough is complete, Loose class bios &

Basics section are finished.

Version 1.1 - Updated Basics section with more specific information about the

Execution Room, Player vs. Player, and added Fairy & Medals sections. Also made

minor tweaks to the walkthrough itself. Information regarding sidequests is

coming soon.


II. Introduction


Zenonia 3 is the third installment in the first true RPG series to hit mobile

non-console devices. It was made available on iTunes' Appstore on 4/26/11. This

walkthrough is intended to help you navigate the puzzles in this game's many

dungeons, as well as offer other tips like classes' strengths and weaknesses

and strategies to defeat every boss. If you notice any errors in this guide or

have any questions about the game, I would appreciate it if you sent me an

e-mail; my contact information is located at the end of the page.


III. Basics


Zenonia 3's protagonist, Chael, may select one of four weapons at the beginning

of the game, thus confirming his class for the rest of the game. Those

selections include the archetypical warrior class: the Sword Knight, the

assassin class: Shadow Hunter, the magician: Nature Shaman, and the ranger:

Mechanic Launcher. Here is the basic lowdown on each class.


Sword Knight (K00)


Recommended Stat Distribution:

Any combination of Str and Con (Explained below)


-High defense and HP, coupled with his passive skill Revival, makes him an

almost indestructible force

-Able to handle groups of enemies with ease due to his large AoE abilities


-Ultimately lower damage output than the other classes

-Relying so heavily on close combat makes for dangerous boss encounters

Sword Knight's Skill Trees


|Active Tree: |

| |

| Blade Sting --- Hold Smash --- Sword Wave Sacrifice Holy Berserker |

| |

| |

| Power Surge --- Command Power Sword Boomerang --- Divine Sword|

| |

| |

| Napalm Flame --- Battle Stomp Illusion --- Reflection |

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |



|Passive Tree: |

| |

| Skilled Sword Skilled Evasion Explosion Area Zero |

| |

| |

|Skilled Defense Potion Plus Power Link Skilled Precision Revival |

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |




The Sword Knight hearkens back to the first Zenonia's Warrior class. Because of

his durability, he is a good class for beginning players to choose, but also

offers a slew of opportunities for veterans to utilize their skills. Because

Strength and Condition are so similar for Sword Knights, any combination of the

two really works. If you prefer higher damage, devote more points to STR. If

you'd rather give up power for survivability, invest more in CON. You really

can't go wrong with any combination of those two stats. Revival and Holy

Berserker are two abilities that, paired with a CON heavy Sword Knight, can

make him literally invincible.


Shadow Hunter (H64)


Recommended Stat Distribution:

+3 Dex


-Possesses devastatingly fast, powerful attacks

-Despite being a melee class, has no trouble flying across the battlefield


-Low defense and health make taking damage an... exciting experience

-Spends a lot of time recovering between attack bursts

Shadow Hunter's Skill Trees


|Active Tree: |

| |

| Raid --- Smoke --- Fire Shadow --- Black Fist Divine Awakening |

| |

| |

| Wild Sting Tornado --- Vein Berserker Fire Burst |

| |

| |

| Dark Shadow --- Extinction Summon Clone --- Invisible Shadow|

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |



|Passive Tree: |

| |

| Swiftness Blaster Extreme Evasion Fiery Fist Area Zero |

| |

| |

| Potion Plus Concentrated Attack Adamantine Frantic Dash |

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |




Shadow Hunters are an incredibly fun class to use. They have that high risk/

high reward mentality like Daza from Zenonia 2 with powerful screen clearing

abilities and failsafes like Extinction to (hopefully) keep you just out of

death's grasp. Compounding Extreme Evasion, Fiery Fist, and Dexterity gives

the Shadow Hunter an impressive amount of attack power, thus letting them

obliterate even the toughest bosses in seconds.


Mechanic Launcher (L97)


Recommended Stat Distribution:

+3 Dex


-Longest natural range of all the classes

-Can control battles by disabling high-risk opponents


-Heavily dependant on skills & abilities

-Has trouble handling groups in enclosed spaces

Mechanic Launcher's Skill Trees


|Active Tree: |

| |

| Sharp Mine --- Summon TK-16 Elec Burier Disillusion |

| |

| |

| Ensnare Shot --- Power Cannon Psychic Power Thunderstorm |

| |

| |

|Bolt Snap --- Electric Power Double Launcher -- Gamma Coil -- Booster Effect|

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |



|Passive Tree: |

| |

| Potion Plus Gun Master Refractor Area Zero |

| |

| |

| Concentration Metal Skin Wind Movement CRI Master Psychic Shot |

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |




Mechanic Launchers are a very technical class to use. They take a lot of

aiming and timing to use properly, but when used correctly are pretty dominant.

Be careful to maintain a solid pool of SP, since the class's basic attacks are

more a danger to yourself than anything else. Similar to the Nature Shaman,

this class relies on hit & run tactics to survive; thankfully they do both of

those things fantastically well (Running with full game speed & movement buffs

is crazy).


Nature Shaman (N48)


Recommended Stat Distribution:

+3 Int


-Can remotely eliminate hordes of enemies

-Only class with healing capabilities


-As with the other classes, save for Sword Knights, low defense makes this a

very easily killed class.

-Wolves and totems can sometimes be temperamental

Nature Shaman's Skill Trees


|Active Tree: |

| |

| Bone Wall --- Fire Totem --- Ice Totem --- Cure Totem Vengeance |

| |

| |

| Sunset --- Hell of Flame Mindset --- Starfall |

| |

| |

| Tub Trap Power Switch Feral Spirit --- Negativity |

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |



|Passive Tree: |

| |

| Natural Barrier Potion Plus Magicholic Refractive Cape Area Zero |

| |

| |

| Concentration Divine Mind Nature Fury Chill Touch |

| |

| 1 10 20 30 40 |




The Nature Shaman is definitely a new take on Zenonia Gameplay. A lot of their

skills operate like traps, going off when enemies come near. This makes for fun

enemy encounters where you can just box them in with totems and watch your

vicious wolves swoop in for the kill. Even though skills cost a disgusting

amount of SP (relative to other classes), you have ways to keep your already

large pool healthy, like using Power Switch inside of your Cure Totem. More

than anything else, the Nature Shaman relies on dividing & disabling enemies

with totems rather than charging in headfirst with normal attacks.


Sheathe Stones (S40)


Sheathe Stones are little stones you can use to enchant your gear with special

properties, like attack bonuses or stat boosts. Each piece of equipment and/or

accessory you own can hold one Sheathe Stone bonus each. To make a Sheathe

Stone, visit your local Blacksmith and hit the "Create Sheathe Stone" button

(Takes a rocket scientist, I know). Now double-tap two pieces OF EQUAL RARITY:

Magic (blue), Rare (yellow), Epic (Purple) or Unique (Orange), and then tap

"Fusion." Voila! A Sheathe Stone. Do know that the bonus you receive from

creating a Sheathe Stone is entirely random, and not even slightly affected by

the enchantments currently on the fused gear.

In order to place that stone in a piece of equipment, simply open your

inventory, go to the Accessory tab, select "Use" on the Sheathe Stone you want

to use, then tap again on the piece of equipment/accessory you want enchanted

and the benefit is added.

A few things to note:

- Items of regular (white) quality CANNOT be fused

- Once a stone is placed in your equipment it cannot be retrieved, so use them


- More powerful enchantments come from BOTH higher levels of rarity and more

powerful equipment (For example, a rare sheathe stone created by level 10

gear will give +2 to strength, while another rare stone created by level 50

gear grants +10 strength)

- Combining Unique equipment yields only 'unique' bonuses like HP/SP absorb,

movement speed, etc.


Combining/Refining/Mining (C38)


Combining and refining are two ways of empowering yourself beyond your level.

Items created through combining are almost always far superior to equipment

of equal level, and come at least at the Magic level when they're made.

Refining is a way of increasing the base stats on your equipment, with the

level of refinement denoted by a number in parentheses next to your gear.




You can't combine anything without possessing its Combine Scroll. Most are

found through monster drops, but some you can purchase from the Item Merchant

in each town. When you have the scroll for something you wish to create-let's

say for the sake of demonstration that we want to make a Steel Kepi-talk to the

Blacksmith and select "Combine." Now we'll tap the Steel Kepi scroll we found

earlier and it lists the ingredients we need. Assuming we have the Magic Stone

and Anvil Hammer we need, we now hit the Combine button and the smithy makes

our Kepi. **NOTE** Equipment created this way CAN break. Use Magic Powder

(The blue button next to Combine) to improve your odds **NOTE**




Once again, only equipment of Magic grade or higher can be used for this, so

don't go trying to refine that Fegushe you bought at the shop. Both equipment

and accessories can be refined, but have to be unequipped for you to do so.

As usual, talk to the Blacksmith, only choosing "Refine" this time. Double tap

the item you want to refine, add Magic Powder if you don't feel lucky, and hit

Refine. If successful, you obtain your strengthened item. If not... Well, your

item breaks. Don't fret, though, you can use a Restoration Scroll to repair

your item (It won't keep the new refined level, though) and try again.




Using your trusty pickaxe of standard to infinite grade (Zen shop), you can

extract valuable minerals from the shining rocks of Midgard. All you have to do

to mine is walk up to the left or right side of a shiny rock (They come in

several colors: blue, red, purple, black), and press the action button to mine.

You will either receive nothing, money, or a preset mineral like copper or

mithril. Each rock can only be struck 10 times before running dry, at which

time you'll have to find a new rock to mine at.

Attention Zenonia 2 players, the mining glitch DOES NOT WORK in this game.

Regardless of what you try to do with the stone, it will always run dry after

being struck 10 times.


Fairy (F15)


Fairies have been the steadfast companions of Zenonia heroes for millenia.

Chael's guardian is an abrasive, pie-loving fairy named Runa, who uses runes

and skill stones to boost Chael's abilities. She, much like Chael, levels up

over time. But in addition to simply increasing elemental effectiveness through

levels, Runa also has a Sync gauge which fills every time you kill a monster

not in the Execution Room. When the Sync gauge is full, you can create either

a Rune or a Skill Stone to further increase her abilities.




Your fairy can be imbued with an elemental rune (fire, ice, dark, or light),

which changes her color based on your chosen element and gives Chael the

respective elemental capabilites when he attacks. They are created through

the Spirit Manager in each town by using up Runa's Sync gauge and/or Stones

of Awakening, and there is a chance you will receive either a rune or a Skill

Stone every time you use his service. Each rune will have elemental attack and

defensive properties guided by the 'type' to the right of its main attribute,

ranging from defensive modifiers to offensive.


| Name | Effect |


| Rune of Fire | Ignites Enemies (constant damage) |


| Rune of Frost | Freezes Enemies (slows movement) |


| Rune of the Holy | Stuns Enemies (enemies cannot act) |


| Rune of Darkness | Confuses Enemies (enemies wander around) |



Skill Stones


These little nuggets of joy are perhaps the most important component of your

fairy. Your rune will come with anywhere from one to three Skill Slots

attached, with which you can socket Skill Stones that increase Chael's

abilities for a limited time upon attacking or being attacked. The power and

length of your skill stone depends on Runa's level, although any of the stones

can be found at any level.


| Name | Effect |


| Blessing of Sky | Increases Strength |


| Blessing of Wind | Increases Dexterity |


| Blessing of Earth | Increases Condition |


| Blessing of Sea | Increases Intelligence |


| Crest of Valor | Increases Critical Rate |


| Crest of Dazzle | Decreases Skill Cooldown Times |


| Crest of Command | Decreases Skill SP Usage |


| Light of Guardian | Increases Defense |


| Light of God | Reflects a Percentage of Damage Taken |


| Light of the Absolute | Heals and Gives Immunity |


| Blaze of Healing | Recovers HP and SP over time |


| Blaze of Vampire | Absorbs Health upon Attacking |


| Blaze of Protection | Grants Invincibility |


NOTE: Each stone ranges in power and length from level 1-10. Train your fairy

to improve the quality of stones you receive.


Medals (M68)


New to the series, Medals are little extra bonuses you can gain through

completing various tasks throughout the game. They can be equipped just like

any piece of armor, and give their preset boosts when equipped.


| Name | Effect | How to Obtain |


| Newbie Hero | Attack +25 | Reach Level 5 |


| Divine Hero | All Stats +5 | Reach Level 50 |


| Immortal Divine Hero | All Stats +15 | Reach Level 99 |


| Apprentice Miner | Strength +10 | Mine 10 Ores |


| Expert Miner | Strength +5% | Mine 30 Ores |


| Apprentice Cook | Dexterity +5% | Cook successfully 10 times |


| Expert Chef | All Stats +10 | Cook successfully 30 times |


| Mister Chef | All Stats +5% | Cook successfully 75 times |



| Crazy Collector | Attack +10% | Purchase Magic Pickaxe (Zen) |


| Bourgeoisie | Condition +15 | Use 10 Origin of Life |


| Super Customer | Max HP +15% | Use 30 Origin of Life |


| Potionholic | Max HP +10% | Consume 30 Elixir of Stamina(l) |


| Skill Maniac | Max SP +10% | Consume 30 Elixir of Mana(l) |


| Iron Body | SP Absorb +3% | Consume 30 Omni Potion |


| Fairy Fan | Attack +10% | Use 10 Stone of Awakening |


| Murloc Killer | Condition +10 | Defeat 30 Murlocs |



| Frog Killer | Strength +15 | Defeat 30 Frogs |


| Gargoyle Killer | Dexterity +15 | Defeat 30 Gargoyles |


| Alien Hunter | Intelligence +15 | Defeat 30 Kazrogal Larvae |


| Dwarf Slayer | Critical +5.00 | Defeat 30 Gadshu |


| Devil Slayer | Critical +10.00 | Defeat 30 Devil Tribe Soldiers |


| Exorcist | Intelligence +10 | Defeat 30 Evil Spirits |


| Septi Slayer | Evade +5.00 | Defeat 30 Septi |


| Miner Golem Slayer | Critical +10% | Defeat 30 Miner Golems |



| Basilisk Hunter | Defense +15 | Defeat 30 Basilisks |


| Shaman Slayer | Attack +100 | Defeat 30 Chaos Shamans |


| Absolute Destroyer | Condition +5% | Defeat 30 Confusion Spirits |


| Friend of Dark Merchant| Intelligence +5% | Speak to Dark Merchant 10 times |


| Infinite Trainee | HP Absorb +3% | Speak to Execution NPC 10 times |


| Arena Regular | SP Absorb +5% | Speak to Arena Official 10 times|


| Labyrinth Master | Dexterity +10 | Clear Miro Woods area |


| Friendly Foreigner | Evade +10% | Visit Paramanon Great Temple |



| Midgard Explorer | All Stats +20 | Visit every field map |


| Novice Fighter | Max HP +250 | Win 10 PvP battles |


| Gladiator of Blood | Attack +250 | Win 50 PvP battles |


| Legendary Gladiator | HP Absorb +10% | Win 100 PvP battles |


| Weakling | Defense +5 | Lose 10 PvP battles |


| Clear Minded | Evade +5.00 | Lose 50 PvP battles |


| **Super Lucky Guy | All Stats +10% | Possess 7777 Gold |


| Midas | Defense +10% | Possess over 100,000 Gold |



| ZENONIA Lover | Defense +20% | Log 2 hours (per character) |


| ZENONIA MANIAC | Attack +5% | Log 5 hours (per character) |


| Apprentice Refiner | Max SP +250 | Refine successfully 10 times |


| Expert Refiner | Max HP +500 | Refine successfully 30 times |


| Master Refiner | HP Absorb +10% | Refine successfully 50 times |


| Apprentice Combiner | Max SP +500 | Combine successfully 10 times |


| Master Combiner | Max SP +15% | Combine successfully 30 times |


| Expert Combiner | SP Absorb +10% | Combine successfully 50 times |


** The Super Lucky Guy medal is a fantastic end-game medal, and incredibly

easy to get the second you reach the first town of the game. When you first

enter Delfoy, fight monsters or buy/sell gear until you have any amount of

gold between 7778 and 8887. Take out your trusty calculator and subtract 7777

from however much gold you have. This is the amount you send to a good friend,

complete stranger, or me (ID: Sirius, but only use me as a last resort), and

voila, 7777 gold.

Practical example: I walk into Delfoy with 9500 Gold, extremely distraught that

I didn't get the medal. "But wait," I ponder, "what if I buy stuff until I'm

close to 7777 gold?!" So I mosey on over to the Item Merchant and buy 4 Potions

of Stamina(s). "I'm closer, but not quite at 7777 gold yet..." I say in

frustration as I pound my fist into the nearest awkward family portrait.

"Hey, why don't you just send me the difference?" says my dear friend Flubzy.

"Great idea!" I hoot in delight. I whip out my TI-82 basic and plug in the


8500 - 7777 = 723

Upon mailing this amount to Flubzy, I remark "I'm a genius! Someone should give

me a medal!"

And the Super Lucky Guy medal was had by all. And by all I mean me.

... I'll stop talking now...


Execution Room (X89)


The Execution Room is a new feature to the Zenonia series. It's essentially a

Horde/Escalation/Zombies/whatever FPS's endurance mode you want to call it.

You simply clear all the monsters on a floor, walk up the stairs, and do it all

over again until you reach the end of the tower. To test your mettle, find the

Executioner (That's not really his name, I just feel like it fits. Well, either

that or Stanislas) in town, and he gives you the option to enter the dungeon.

There are currently three Towers you can challenge, which charge a fee to enter

depending on your level:

Tower of Challenger (30 Floors) <--- Recommended Level: 50

Tower of Limit (50 Floors) <--- Recommended Level: 70

Tower of Transcend (100 Floors) <--- Recommended Level: 99

By completing towers you are awarded with a hefty sum of experience, and a

special prize; usually a piece of gear suited to your level (The exception is

the Tower of Transcend, which gives Skill Points for clearing the first few

times). You can choose to tackle these missions either solo or by asynchronous

co-op. Asynchronous co-op is a fancy way of saying that you play with an AI

controlled version of a friend/complete stranger's character. This means that

if you choose to play with your friend Flubzy (If your Gamevil ID really is

Flubzy then I apologize. But fantastic choice of name), you aren't really

playing with Flubzy; rather the AI uses his stats and active command deck and

fights alongside you instead.




One fame point is rewarded each time another player uses one of your characters

in the Execution Room, and you receive special bonuses for leveling up your

Fame rank.


Player vs. Player (P71)


Just as was the case with Zenonia 2, this is not 'true' Player vs. Player (PvP)

combat. As I stated in the Execution Room section above, PvP is an asynchronous

system; that is, you're really fighting an AI controlled version of your

opponent. The server downloads your character's information (including stats,

gear, and even assigned quickslots), and dumps it into a large pool. When you

choose to fight (at the Arena Official in each town), the game pulls another

player's character of similar level and rank out of the pool, and pits you

against them. Winning PvP matches is currently the only way to obtain free Zen

(currency used to purchase special items), and it is no easy task. At any level

you will need a properly geared character to even compete with opponents who

appear to be much weaker than you. Winning matches nets you items & zen, based

on how many PvP points you have.




Groups, most closely defined as Clans or Guilds, still exist in Zenonia 3.

Under the Community tab in the main menu, you can select Register Group, and

type in the name of a friend's group (or create your own). Your PvP stats will

now count towards your Group's total as well, but be careful, once you sign up

for a group, that decision is final.


Death Notes


Death notes are used for quickly fighting an opponent you lost to. If you

believe you should have won, assign a death note to that character, and you

can choose to fight them again at any given time. You can only assign three

death notes at once, and the note is erased when you defeat that opponent.


Tips & Tricks (K08)


-The level of surrounding monsters should be your prime indicator of what level

you should be. If you find that monsters are becoming ~5 levels stronger than

you, take the time to get yourself up to speed.

-As you progress through the story, remember to set your return point to the

city you're currently in (and ALWAYS at least have a town set to be a return

point). It is very possible to get trapped in a dungeon with all broken armor

and no way past the monsters you've already fought through. Make sure you keep

Teleport Scrolls with you at all times (and Two Way Portals, but those are

more expensive).

-The Execution room is THE best way to gain experience in this game. Beating

the Tower of Challenge alone gives 182,000 experience, while the Tower of Limit

gives a little under a million, and the Tower of Transcend gives much, much

more. What's better, the Tower of Challenge can be completed in 5 minutes with

a competent co-op partner.

-Combine when you can, and refine only when you're sure you've found your end-

game gear. Until you hit the level cap, you'll be changing equipment every

couple minutes; making all your hard work and money useless. Combined

equipment, on the other hand, lasts much longer and the gear usually isn't too

hard to make.

-Be sure you grab EVERY Travel Bag in the game. They greatly increase your

inventory size and are only available otherwise through the Zen shop. They can

be found in the following locations:

~From a chest in the water in East Akun Temple

~From a chest obtained by completing the block puzzle in the Lorela River map

~From the Start of Journey main quest, given to you as a reward by Celine


IV. Walkthrough





Zenonia is primarily a linear game, with very little to do outside of the main

storyline. While the world map and dungeons themselves are extensive, there

will usually be no more than two possible directions you can go.

You may also come across a place in the game where you are simply not strong

enough to fight the monsters in the area (especially when traversing later

dungeons). In this situation, it is wise to stock up on food, healing items,

Holy Medicine, and whatever else you may need. Proceed to the area in the

dungeon or world map where you are having trouble, and fight monsters ~3 levels

above you. Work through the dungeon as usual when you feel strong enough.

Without further ado, here is the walkthrough for Zenonia (Again, if you need to

find one specific place in the game, use the three digit codes located in the

table of contents).


Outer Iris (R56)


You first gain control of the protagonist Chael outside of Regret's house just

outside of Iris. After a brief dialogue, smash the pots to the right of your

house and take the POTION OF STAMINA(s) from the sneaky little chest back

there. Now head right into another scene to learn a little bit about combat.

Dispatch the first wave of Mukakas, destroy the crates on the far right, and

obtain a POTION OF STAMINA(s) from the chest. Walk up the ladder, move across

the bridge, and examine the tombstone for another scene.

Afterwards, make your way back to your house and talk to Regret. Another

lengthy cutscene follows, upon which you'll somehow magically end up in the

Akun Temple Altar.


Akun Temple Altar (A79)


Before you go off exploring too far, be sure to grab the chest to the northwest

of your starting position for a JEWEL HILT. The rest of this room is pretty

straightforward; simply proceed out the southern exit. Other than a new enemy

type, there's nothing of interest in this room either. Grab the EXAMINE SCROLL

from the chest before you proceed west and into the next area.

Here Runa will teach you the basics of sliding block puzzles (or 'pushing rock'

puzzles, as they are described by Runa). Simply follow orders, and upon placing

the block on the switch a block previously blocking your path will vanish. Go

down the stairs and head right for another simple block puzzle. Break all of

the crates and push the middle block straight down and onto the switch. Before

proceeding onwards, make your way all the way left, and wrap around the top of

the map to reach a chest containing a POTION OF MANA(s). Now return to where

the middle of the map previously blocked by the current, head up those stairs,

grab a REPAIR HAMMER from the chest, and go south into the next area.

Before heading to the next area on the right side of the map, get one chest in

the water just left of your starting position for a P BARREL, and another just

north of the next map for a REPAIR HAMMER. Since finding treasure in a

mysterious dungeon is obviously more important than saving your girlfriend, go

through the little spiral maze for a POTION OF STAMINA(s), then into the water

and all the way north for an ENCHANT L. Now proceed down the stairs at the

south end of the map.

Down the staircase to the right (into the water) and all the way around will

lead you to a chest for a RESTORATION SCROLL, after which you can backtrack to

the entrance of this map and head due south until you reach a scene in the next

area. You may have noticed a chest during the cutscene, and maybe even a

merchant hanging out in the water. Take the staircase on the northeast corner

of the map and you'll end up on the southern end where you can buy things if

you need, and then retrieve a TWO WAY PORTAL from the chest to the right (These

will prove to be very important, so be sure use them wisely). When you're done

shopping, follow the Frey clone out the bottom right exit.

This room is a decent training spot, so crush some monsters here until you feel

adequately leveled (the next room leads to a boss), then go out the north door

for your first taste of a Zenonia 3 boss.


|Boss Info: Kraken|


|Recommended Level: 7|


No matter your class, this boss doesn't hit too hard, but regardless you should

proceed with caution. He only has a couple attacks, so let's review. His

primary attack consists of shooting 5 ink bullets in a uniform arc, and,

while they are alive, his tentacles will periodically seek you out for a small

amount of damage. For the first half of the battle, position yourself one tile

to the left of center, and between the moss-covered pillars on either side of

the battlefield. His ink shots will always miss, and when he sends his

tentacles, simply take a step backwards before they emerge and take a few

swings at them before they retreat. Once half of his tentacles are destroyed,

he will begin to shoot one large, homing ink ball at you, in addition to his

normal rotation. As long as you remain back between the pillars, they should

be a non-issue, and you can continue fighting like normal until all of his

tentacles are destroyed, thus ending the boss fight.

You'll be treated to a very informative cutscene, and end up back in the

temple. Your next destination is the quaint little town of Delfoy, so head

all the way south to the Shade Woods, and from there proceed right and into

town. On your way, you may have noticed some shiny blue rocks along the path.

These are mining rocks which, provided you have a pickaxe, you can mine for

materials and money. **NOTE** For those of you familiar with the Zenonia 2

Mining Glitch, know that the same trick does not work here. The stone will

run dry after 10 hits, regardless of whether you move or not. **NOTE**


Town of Delfoy (D11)


After the scene you will have a little bit of free time if you wish (Now would

be an ideal time to get the Super Lucky Guy medal, refer to (M68)), before

talking to Luxferre to advance the story. Your first order of business (as it

should be in every town from now until the end of the game) is to talk to the

portal guide and set Delfoy as your return town (top option). It can be very

easy to bury yourself too deep into a dungeon, and if you don't set a return

point, you can't teleport yourself to safety. Anyways, after you've set Delfoy

as your return town, buy/repair equipment if you need to, and take care of any

other business you might have, then talk to Luxferre when you're ready.

Abyron, a little... dog? located in the item shop is your next target. He will

tell you to fetch (pun intended) some bronze from those shiny stones I

mentioned earlier. As Abyron said, it would be wise to talk to the Spirit

Manager for some background information on Runa's unawakened powers. Doing so

will net you a fair amount of experience, as well as a STONE OF AWAKENING.

Use it now if you wish, or wait until you have a good skill stone to accompany

it. You can also grab the quest from Trieli if you're in the mood to backtrack,

but whatever your decision, you'll have to mine your bronze and return to

Abyron to advance the story.

Of course, the bronze you bring him isn't enough to answer all of your

questions, so find Chigoch in the chief's house located next to the Network

Gal. He'll need you to kill Fog Spathes (They're the crablike monsters in Shade

Woods), so head out of town and start killing Spathes. If you're in the mood

for some treasure, go south into Central Shade Woods and run left under the

waterfall. Push that middle block onto the switch to reveal a chest containing

a RESTORATION SCROLL. Now instead of returning to the Delfoy Entrance via the

path on the ground, take the ladder up, wade through the trees in the bottom

left corner for a POTION OF STAMINA(S). Collect your Azalias and return to

Chigoch. After a small scene you'll be asked to return to Akun Temple, so take

care of any unfinished business you may have and march on up into the temple.


Akun Temple Altar, revisited


Backtrack a couple rooms here until you reach the area with the little spiral

maze. Make your way right through the previously-blocked off area. Take the

staircase here into the water, loop around to the left, and open a chest for a

TRAVEL BAG(6 slots) **NOTE** This item will expand ONLY ONE of your inventory

subcategories, so choose wisely. **NOTE**

Backtrack to solid ground, and head north for a little scene. You'll notice

that two paths are currently blocked off, so your only option is to kite to the

left and head up that staircase. Break the barrels in your way and push the

stone onto the switch to eliminate one water current. Don't bother following it

just yet; instead walk through the serpentine path to the north, move the block

out of your way, bust the crates in your way, and finally push the far north

block onto the switch. Make your way back to that newly opened area. Smash all

the crates on the right side of this platform, and push the top-middle block as

far as it goes (it should hit the stone already there). Push it straight up and

onto the switch. Doing so eliminates some of those pesky stones at the top of

the map, which you can now push aside and proceed forward. Before you exit the

map, though, keep in mind the slightly obscured switch, as that's your way out


There's not much else to do in this area, so blast your way through some

enemies and talk to Kalz. Examine the mural for a history lesson and the

conclusion of Chapter 1. You won't be teleported back to Delfoy, so either

use a portal of your own or walk back. Either way, meet up with Luxferre when

you arrive.

For whatever reason, people in this town keep losing things in the woods, so

you'll have to waltz on through the Shade Woods once more to find some GHOST

MUCUS (eww) for Luxferre.


Shade Woods (P72)


Back in Central Shade Woods, enter the cave past the waterfalls to find

yourself a ghost and a chest containing DELUXE MAGIC POWDER. Collect all of

your mucus here and deliver them to Luxferre when you're done. In another

futile attempt to kill you, he sends you back into the woods. Instead of going

south as usual, head directly west out of Delfoy Entrance, and in this new area

grab the chest hidden in the bottom left corner of the map (probably obscured

by your d-pad) for a POTION OF STAMINA(s). Head into the next area.

You don't have business anywhere else in the woods yet, so skirt around the

map, climbing the ladder and running all the way to the bottom left exit, but

be careful, a mini-boss awaits. Watch the scene and learn that you've been


You're surrounded by some basic ogres and a leader, but don't worry; they're

easy enough to deal with. Start by running to the far left and clear the ogres

out one by one (The leader shouldn't pursue you just yet). When you've gotten

rid of the surrounding enemies, focus your attention on the boss, hitting him

with whatever skills you've got.

After another cutscene, be sure to grab the chest in the bottom left corner

before you head back to town for a REPAIR HAMMER. The cave entrance here leads

you directly back to the entrance of town, if you want to save a little time.

Talk to Luxferre for a short scene. Yiralia is your next target; she's standing

just outside of the temple. She wants you to fetch some cooking salt, which you

should have done so from fighting those lobsters back in Akun (but if not, just

head on back and crack some shells until you've got the salt). Chael will

reminisce for a little bit, then it's on to meet Celine back in the temple.

After one last scene, you're sent off to find Pontifex (cool name) with Celine

as your guide. If you don't need to take care of any other business in town,

simply leave the building and come back. Talk to the Shaman once again and

you'll be on your merry way (And she gives you a TRAVEL BAG(6 slots) for your

trouble. How nice).

You're finally able to go south from the Central Shade Woods, but there is a

CLOTH CAPE quite a detour away if you're willing to go hunting for it. Return

to the area where you fought the ogres, and head out the bottom right exit. The

chest is in plain sight, so grab it and head back to Delfoy Entrance. Take

the south exit now.

You'll come across a lily pad maze here which is fairly simple to navigate.

You're essentially going to make a U shape around the bottom of the map,

finally using the third pad from the bottom to hit solid land & the next map.

All you can do here is proceed up the staircase on the eastern side of the map.


Lorela River (L52)


There is a chest with a POTION OF STAMINA(m) just to the left of your position

upon regaining control of Chael. Take the northern path to the right, and

claim the POTION OF MANA(s) from the chest here. Head all the way north and

a scene will ensue. Afterwards you'll be attacked, so keep Celine safe while

you pound away at the enemies; they aren't too powerful. You'll be treated to

another scene, then given two options: plow through the enemies or take the

safe bypass route. Unless you have a death wish, I'd suggest taking the

roundabout path, seeing as some of the devil tribe monsters are level 47. Exit

this map and the one following, then finally take the left path into a new


There's a cute little block puzzle here hiding a chest, so take any of the

stones from the cross pattern to the northwest and slide it over and onto the

switch. Grab the TRAVEL BAG(6 slots) from the chest and proceed north. This

places you right in the middle of a Devil Tribe camp. You decide to set them

on fire (not a bad strategy, honestly), but have to wait until nightfall to

proceed. After your little heart-to-heart with Celine, go on north and talk to

Runa to commence your attack.

You're on a strict timeframe here, so unleash everything you've got until 8

soldiers are defeated. You now have access to the bridge itself, so backtrack

until you reach the bridge entrance (past where you were ambushed by Devil

Tribe soldiers earlier) and go on through. Fight your way across the bridge,

careful that you don't fall through the holes (if you do, you have to climb

the ladder to the south and try again). Crossing the bridge successfully leads

to a boss, so prepare yourself accordingly before heading through.


|Boss Info: Scylla|


|Recommended Level: 17|


Your typical "Troll under the bridge" comes in the form of a repulsive

she-beast named Scylla. She moves very slow, but has a pretty wide arc with her

normal pillar attack. The ranged characters shouldn't have to worry too much,

just blast away until she gets close, then retreat to the opposite side of the

map and do the same (Better yet, Nature Shamans can just litter the map with

traps and laugh in the face of danger). Melee characters will have to be a

little more careful. Try employing your everyday hit & run, throwing in your

strongest single target skill whenever it's finished cooling down and you

shouldn't take too much damage.

About halfway through the fight Scylla starts farting, releasing a painful

toxic gas that can chew away at your health. Your strategy shouldn't change too

much, though, just be wary of diving attacks like the Sword Knight's

Blade Sting. It's an easy fix; get Scylla to chase you on a different plane

than where the odor is and keep pounding away at her health. Keep your distance

and the monster should fall without too much trouble.

After the fight, the bridge collapses, leaving the group stranded on a nearby



Maru Island (M83)


You regain control of Chael after realizing that your mother's necklace is

lost (oh no!), so climb the vine and talk to Rherican. Lucky for you, he found

the necklace; unlucky for you, he doesn't want to give it back. I can only

assume he wants to make s'mores, so oblige him and grab some marshmallows from

the Ancient Tree just to the left of your position. Mush Mushes are the enemies

that drop marshmallows, so hunt them down and return to Rherican.

Runa will make some snide remarks at Rherican's request to accompany him to the

nearest town, which you'll find to the southeast. Don't let him get hit as you

make your way towards the flashing yellow waypoint, and once he reaches the

marker another scene ensues. Before climbing the tree, head all the way right,

and retrieve a POTION OF STAMINA(m) from the chest just south of the mining



Town of Maru Tribe


A scene will follow, and you'll be given free reign to explore the tree city

Maru. First things first, set your return point at the Portal Manager (bottom

right), then take care of any shopkeeping, arena battles, etc. you have to.

When you're ready to proceed, either take the various ladders around town or

ride the elevator, and climb the vine at the top to reach the peak. Ride the

elevator once more, and enter the house at the very top. After a scene with the

patriarch of Maru, you'll be told to find Rherican one more time.

Descend the tree until you reach the main part of town, and talk to Rherican

on the second layer. We're about to go on another rousing adventure, so when

you've finished up with any sidequests & other business you have, make your way

out of town.

Exit out the left side, and head south in this next area. Before proceeding

further east, make your way down a vine at the south end of the map, and open

the chest behind the waterfall for a POTION OF STAMINA(m). Head out the right

side of the map, and talk to Ellim (the creepy tree with a face). He tells you

that the forest is being overrun by monsters, and you can only save them with

the aid of some fireflies. So head back out the way you came.

The fireflies we're looking for are scattered all throughout the Southeast Maru

Island map, as little blue dots. They're located as follows:

1. Entering from West Maru Woods, there's one at the tree just next to

the waterfall

2. Just past [1], at the other tree on that same patch of land

3. Dead center of the map, chillaxing between a mossy rock and some


4. Hovering due east from the previous firefly, just in front of a spider

webbed tree

5. Right in front of a lone tree by the northwest exit, about three tiles

from the mining rock

If you're desperate for health potions, head up the northwest exit before

returning to Ellim, and climb down the vine for a chest containing a POTION OF

STAMINA(m). Either way, return to the tree with your flies and he will open the

way to the deep forest.

This place would be dreadfully painful to navigate without the aid of our

fireflies, but lucky for us, they'll show us the way. Kind of. **NOTE** Be

careful, though, if you stray off the main path, you could end up in a pretty

tricky endless loop. **NOTE**

From your starting point, take the northern path, then head right. Now proceed

in the following directions, and you will exit the woods: down, right, up,

right. Simple enough, right?

When you get to the other side of West Maru Woods, climb up the first vine you

see and run past the waterfall for a chest for an oh-so-important TWO WAY

PORTAL. Now take the exit dead center on the right side, and read the sign.

Run along the outside layer of this map and take the vine downward into the

corrupted spring. Grab the chest under the bridge for a PAPER AMULET. Now like

the good detective you are, you'll have to chase down the source of this water.

Head out the west side of the map here, climb th


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