Zanzibar Gem (ZZ Plant) - The Can't-Kill-Me Plant

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Zanzibar Gem, the 'can't kill me' houseplant is an increasingly popular houseplant with a reputation of being very hardy...

ZZ Plant is the Eternity Plant

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – or ZZ plant for short – is a hardy, almost impossible-to-kill houseplant that can thrive in interior rooms as much as 10 feet from the nearest sunlit window. ZZ Plant is a slow-grower (as most hardy indoor plants are) but worth the effort.

This ornamental houseplant native to eastern Africa is becoming more common. Noted for it glossy leaves and thick, tuber-like stalk it is very attractive houseplant. It likes bright indirect or filtered sunlight but can do well away from windows too, making it a great choice for a houseplant.

Not at all finicky but it is best to maintain the plant slightly drier than you would think is adequate.

This plant is easier to care for and hardier than even Ficus which is one of the easiest houseplants that anyone can have. Ficus grow easily but can be damaged too easily from over-watering. Most Ficus plants are also sensitive to being moved from location to location, often this causes a shed of leaves which quickly grow back.

The Low Maintenance 'Zanzibar Gem' or ZZ Plant

Zanzibar gem houseplant

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Hot temperatures is said to increase leaf production (the plant is a native of Africa) so the plant can actually do well in summertime when other houseplants might suffer. The Zanzibar Gem can be propagated from the leaves which are partially buried in granular soil and in time will develop small tubers. These tubers will sprout new plant growth.

The Secret of the ZZ Plant's Success

The waxy succulent leaves are the secret to this plant's ability to endure the drier conditions. Water is held in the plant and the bulbous stems and tuber roots. The potting soil in the Zanzibar Gem planter can be allowed to dry out, become dusty in fact. Maybe once every other month, water the plant thoroughly. Submerging the pot in a bath or bucket of water for 20-30 minutes will water the plant adequately but do not allow the plant to remain 'soaked.' Over-watering will cause the tuber roots to rot and leaves to turn yellow. So the regimen of a bi-monthly or more infrequent 'wet season' is probably very reasonable.

This is a hardy, almost-impossible to kill, plant that people whom have trouble raising houseplants should try. This plant is also great for those that live in apartments that do not get much sunshine. I am eager to get a well-established (read: large) ZZ Plant for myself now.

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Irene Nevins
Posted on Oct 14, 2010