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Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetype Overview: X-Saber

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The X-Saber archetype consists of entirely Earth-attribute monsters, mainly Warrior and Beast-Warrior types. Due to the limiting and banning of certain cards, successful X-Saber decks are no longer associated with hand control, and instead primarily focu

The X-Saber archetype consists of entirely Earth-attribute monsters, mainly Warrior and Beast-Warrior types.  Due to the limiting and banning of certain cards, successful X-Saber decks are no longer associated with hand control, and instead primarily focus on summoning as many monsters as possible in a short period of time.  For this reason, many X-Saber cards have effects that allow them to special summon themselves on to the field, or to special summon cards from the hand and graveyard.


XX-Saber Emmersblade - One of the most important X-Saber cards in the whole archetype.  Whenever it is destroyed by battle, you can special summon one level 4 or lower X-Saber monster from your deck - meaning you can get another XX-Saber Emmersblade or a XX-Saber Fulhelmknight to stop another attack, or get an X-Saber monster from your deck to use next turn.

XX-Saber Darksoul - This card is awesome for deck-searching X-Saber cards.  Whenever this card is sent from the field to the graveyard (this means when it is destroyed on either your or your opponent's sides of the field, or after synchro summoning), you get to add one X-Saber monster (regardless of level) from your deck to your hand.

XX-Saber Boggart Knight - This is a highly adaptable and useful card, since when it is normal summoned, you can special summon one level 4 or lower X-Saber monster from the hand.  It also works as a nice 1900 beatstick.  The only catch is the fact that you can only use it as synchro material for an X-Saber monster, which shouldn't be too much of a problem in an X-Saber deck.

XX-Saber Faultroll - You can special summon this 2400 Attack card onto the field with no costs, provided that you control 2 or more face up X-Saber monsters on the field.  Also, once per turn you can special summon a level 4 or lower X-Saber from your graveyard.  A brilliant (and often repeatable play) is to normal summon XX-Saber Boggart Knight, thereby special summoning an X-Saber from the hand, then special summoning XX-Saber Faultroll since there are two X-Sabers on the field, then using XX-Saber Faultroll's effect to special summon an X-Saber from the graveyard - voila, and you have four monsters on the field in one turn.

XX-Saber Gardestrike - Like XX-Saber Faultroll, this card is awesome at special summoning itself onto the field with no costs.  The only requirement is that you have 2 or more X-Saber monsters in the graveyard.

XX-Saber Ragigura - This card is good for returning X-Saber monsters from the graveyard, as when it is summoned (normal or special), you can pick one out and add it to your hand.

XX-Saber Garsem - Like XX-Saber Darksoul, this card can also add any X-Sabers from the deck to the hand.  In contrast, this card requires it to be destroyed by a card effect first.  However, a useful plus to this X-Saber monster is that it gains 200 Attack for each face-up X-Saber you control - meaning that it starts out with 1600 Attack.

X-Saber Uruz - This card can prove very annoying to an opponent.  When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, you can tribute this card to put the destroyed opponent's card on the top of its owner's deck.  This can be useful against an opponent if the monster was relatively easy to destroy, as your opponent will be forced to draw it, or if the card was stolen from your field earlier, in which case you are returning a useful card back to your deck.

X-Saber Galahad - This card has a very interesting effect, and can be a double-bladed sword.  Whenever you attack with this card, its Attack goes up to 2100 during the damage step.  Whenever you defend with this card, its Attack goes down to 1300.  However, when it is selected as an attack target, you can tribute another X-Saber to negate the attack.

X-Saber Axel - This card is useful at boosting your own hand advantage.  Whenever an X-Saber monster (either your or your opponent's) is destroyed by battle, you get to draw a card.

X-Saber Anu Piranha - This card is just an all-round 1800 beatstick for any X-Saber deck.

Commander Gottoms, Swordsmaster - This monster gives you a nice 400 Attack boost to all your face-up X-Saber monsters.  The only tricky thing is getting it onto the field, since it requires one tribute.

The X-Saber archetype uses four tuners.

XX-Saber Fulhelmknight - This is an all-round amazing tuner.  You can negate an attack until you can get another X-Saber monster on the field, and then synchro summon for either XX-Saber Hyunlei to wipe out your opponent's spells and traps, or X-Saber Urbellum or X-Saber Wayne for a high attack monster.  As an added bonus, if you destroy an opponent's Defence position monster, you get to special summon a level 4 or lower X-Saber from your graveyard.

X-Saber Airbellum - This particular card was quite popular when X-Saber decks still revolved around hand advantage.  Whenever you inflict direct damage to your opponent, you can discard one card from your opponent's hand.

X-Saber Palomuro - Though less seen in tournaments, this card does add a useful lower-level tuning ability to your X-Saber deck.  When an X-Saber you control is destroyed by battle, you can pay 500 lifepoints to special summon this card from the graveyard.  A good trick is to then activate the trap card Urgent Tuning, allowing you to tune this card to whatever you have left on the field and thus synchro summon during the battlephase.

X-Saber Pashuul - Like the card above, this X-Saber is less seen in tournaments, but can a lower-level tuning ability to your deck.  The primary focus of this tuner is that it can't be destroyed by battle, but this comes at the cost of 1000 lifepoints per turn if left in defense position.  The trick with this card is to use it to summon it up during a desperate situation, take damage from its defense effect to protect it, and then sync up the next turn when you can normal summon another X-Saber.

The X-Saber archetype uses four synchros.

XX-Saber Hyunlei - This synchro card is one of my absolute favourites, but is unfortunately limited to only X-Saber decks.  Whenever you synchro summon this card, you can destroy up to three spells or traps on the field - thereby clearing half of your opponent's field.

XX-Saber Gottoms - Like X-Saber Airbellum, this card was more used when X-Saber decks revolved around hand advantage.  By tributing one X-Saber on your field, you can discard one random card from your opponent's hand.  The whopping 3100 attack helps too.

X-Saber Urbellum - Again, this card was more popular when X-Saber decks revolved around hand advantage, but is still used due to its versatility in X-Saber decks, being easily summoned onto the field.  When it inflicts damage to your opponent while they have 4 or more cards in their hand, you get to place one card from their hand randomly on top of their deck.

X-Saber Wayne - This card is a nice five-star synchro monster, easily summoned.  When it is, you can special summon a level 4 or lower Warrior-type monster onto the field.


Saber Slash - This spell card is incredibly useful at clearing your opponent's field.  You can destroy the same number of your opponent's cards equal to the number of Attack-position X-Saber monsters you control.

Saber Vault - This card focuses on increasing the attack of your X-Saber monsters, while decreasing their defence.  As a field spell card, it will stay on the field.

Sword Of Sparkles - Equip this spell card to an X-Saber, and when it destroys an opponent's monster, you can destroy one card your opponent controls.  You can then tribute one monster you control to return this card to the top of your deck.


Gottom's Emergency Call - A highly useful card, if one will read the fine-print.  Whenever there is a face-up X-Saber monster (on either side of the field), you select two X-Saber monsters (from either your or your opponent's graveyard), and special summon those monsters.  As useful as this is for you, don't be surprised if someone uses this card against you - thereby summoning two X-Saber monsters to their side of the field.

Saber Hole - This card is useful at hampering your opponent's summoning, especially since it is a counter-trap card.   Whenever you control a face-up X-Saber monster, you can flip this card and negate the summon (any kind of summon) that your opponent tries to make.

At One With The Sword - You can only use this when you have one X-Saber monster.  It gains 800 Attack, and if it destroys an opponent's monster, you get to draw one card.

All X-Saber monsters and support cards were included in this overview. Additional non-archetypal support cards were only included as cards that can be used in any type of X-Saber deck. All images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki.

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