Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetype Overview: Lightsworn

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Lightsworns are all Light-attribute monsters, whose primary effect involves self-milling, or sending cards to the graveyard. This is done as a cost to activate their effects, or as part of the effect(s) themselves. The idea of the deck is to mill as man

Lightsworns are all Light-attribute monsters, whose primary effect involves self-milling, or sending cards to the graveyard.  This is done as a cost to activate their effects, or as part of the effect(s) themselves.  The idea of the deck is to mill as many cards as possible, thereby making it easier to summon the trump card of the archetype - Judgment Dragon, which can be summoned when there are 4 or more Lightsworns with different names in the graveyard.  Because of the milling involved, Lightsworn decks always run the risk of running out of cards, but this is offset by the comparative speed of the deck itself.  The deck is quite capable of one-turn-kills using the mill effects of Lightsworns and the summoning of Judgment Dragon - meaning that the deck can always turn the tables on an opponent.

Archetypal Monsters

Judgment Dragon - The amazing trump card of the Lightsworn archetype, it can be special summoned to the field when you have 4 or more Lightsworns with different names in the graveyard.  With all the milling from effects and spells that goes on, this is fairly easy to do.  Once summoned, you can pay 1000 life points to blow the field, and then follow through with 3000 damage to your opponent.  Needless to say, this is absolutely brilliant.

Celestia, Lightsworn Angel - This extraordinary card, if you tribute summon a Lightsworn for it, allows you to mill 4 cards and then destroy up to 2 cards on the field.  After that, its basically just a 2300 beatstick.

Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid - This card prevents any face-up Lightsworn cards from being targeted by card effects, such as by such spells and traps as Sakuretsu Armour or Book Of Moon, as well as by effects of cards like Gladiator Beast Retiari or Caius The Shadow Monarch.  At the end of turn, you get to mill 2 cards.

Wulf, Lightsworn Beast - This is an amazing beatstick.  It is a dead-draw, but if you mill it - it is special summoned to the field.  Since you cannot normal summon or set it, one trick is to send it to the grave through either Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner or Solar Re-Charge, then special summon it.  Another thing to do is to send it to the top of your deck to special summon Plaguespreader Zombie from the graveyard, then play something like Charge Of The Light Brigade to mill your top three cards, thereby special summoning it to the field.

Ehren, Lightsworn Monk - This card is extremely useful against an opponent who may set cards face-down or if you Book Of Moon a monster, because Ehren can send it back to their deck before damage calculation. And you get to mill 3 cards at the end of each turn.

Jain, Lightsworn Paladin - This is a good all-around beatstick. It goes up to 300 ATK during damage calculation, and during the end phase mills 2 cards from your deck.

Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior - This card is very good at over-milling you, but can prove devastatingly useful. Whenever another Lightsworn mills cards, you mill 2 more cards and - if you by chance mill a Lightsworn, you draw for each. When you have more than one milling Lightsworn on the field, that proves to be a lot of milling and drawing.

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter - This card is quite handy in a tight spot. When your opponent attacks, flip and destroy one card on the field. Then you get to mill 3 cards, maybe milling and special summoning a Wulf, Lightsworn Beast.

Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress - This is a brilliant card. Just brilliant. You can switch it to defense, and then destroy 1 spell or trap of your opponent's. And during each end phase, you get to mill 3 cards.

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner - OK, there is obviously a reason this card is limited to one.  Here it is: once per turn you send one Lightsworn to the grave, to special one Level 4 or lower Lightsworn to the field.  You get to mill 3 cards per turn.  I'll give an example of this - you can special a Wulf, Lightsworn beast from the graveyard right after discarding it.  Or recycle a card to the grave, maybe giving yourself 4 Lightsworn in the grave, and special Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress to destroy one card in back-row.

Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon - The potential of this card, like all other Lightsworn monsters mentioned past this point, is great - but it is generally acknowledged that such cards slow down a Lightsworn deck to an enormous degree. For every Lightsworn card with a different name, Gragonith gains 400 ATK, and during each end phase, you get to mill 3 cards. And its a piercer. However, it does require a tribute. I would rather recommend running Celestia, Lightsworn Angel.

Jenis, Lightsworn Mender - Basically, if you mill that turn, your opponent loses 500 LP, you gain 500 LP.  But, it can only be a maximum of 500 through its own effect, and it takes up a card space in your deck.

Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue - This is personal preference.  When flipped, you can add one Lightsworn back into your hand from the graveyard. But, its only 100/100 ATK and DEF.

Shire, Lightsworn Spirit - This is kind of like a toned-down, normal summon version of Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon.  This one gains 300 ATK for each different Lightsworn in the graveyard, and each turn you send 2 cards to grave.

Non-Archetypal Monsters

Honest - Basically you can use when attacking with a Light monster, such as any Lightsworn monster, to gain ATK equal to the attack target - either beating a superior monster, or just causing a lot of damage.  You can also summon it, then return it back to your hand during Main Phase 2, or just next turn.

Necro Gardna - Since a lot of cards end up milled, this works out pretty well. You can remove it from your graveyard to negate an attack, which your opponent can do nothing against, since its a card in the graveyard. If you draw it, you can send it to the grave through an effect, or set it to defend twice against your opponent's monsters.

Plaguespreader Zombie - This actually work out really well.  By sending a card from hand to top of deck (such as in the Wulf, Lightsworn Beast trick I mentioned earlier), you can special summon it.  And its a Tuner, so you can definitely sync for a Level 6 or 8.

Chaos Sorcerer - This works wonders, if you run a bare minimum of - I would suggest - 4 Darks in your deck with, say one Chaos Sorcerer.  By removing 1 Dark and 1 Light, you can special summon it.  Once per turn it can remove one face-up monster from play. However, I would suggest running its big brother - Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning.  But if you want more of such cards, put it another Chaos Sorcerer (just because Envoy is limited).

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning - This is just a really broken card.  Brought back by the September 2011 banlist, it is still limited.  And for good reason.  For those that don't know, its basically an upgraded Chaos Sorcerer that can remove from play any monster (either face-up or face-down), its a 3000 beatstick, and if it destroys a monster - guess what? you get to attack once again! Like I said, a broken card. But whatever, that's up to Konami - I run it.


Charge Of The Light Brigade - Though limited, this a staple in any Lightsworn deck.  Mill 3 cards, then add one Level 4 or lower Lightsworn to your hand.  Simple, but effective.

Solar Re-Charge - As the above card, a definite staple. Discard one Lightsworn to grave, to draw 2 cards, and then mill 2 cards. Awesome.

Lightsworn Sabre - The following Lightsworn Spells and Traps are personal preferences, but whatever.  This one boosts ATK, and if you mill it, you can attach it to one of your Lightsworn monsters.

Realm Of Light - Again, personal preference.  Basically, every time an effect activates that sends cards to the grave, it gains a counter.  Lightsworns gain 100 ATK for each, and you can remove 2 to save this card from being destroyed by card effects.

Foolish Burial - A brilliant card, which always proves useful.  Use it to send a Wulf, Lightsworn Beast and special summon it, or send a Necro Gardna to defend, or a Plaguespreader Zombie to sync.


Lightsworn Barrier - Again, personal preference. Whenever a Lightsworn is attacked, you can mill 2 cards to negate the attack.

Glorious Illusion - This is basically a Lightsworn version of Call Of The Haunted, which also makes you mill and summons the card in ATK mode.

Light Spiral - This could be really interesting against an opponent.  Every time you mill, you make your opponent mill - into their remove from play!

Vanquishing Light - This seems kind of unnecessary and counter-productive.  Use Solemn Warnings or Bottomless Trap Holes, or both instead.

All Lightsworn monsters and support cards were included in this overview. Additional non-archetypal support cards were only included as cards that can be used in any type of Lightsworn deck. All images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki.

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