Your Man's Facial Expressions Are All Clues to His Personality

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The look in a man's eyes, the set of his mouth and the way he smiles are all clues to his personality. Study your man's face carefully, then read about the characteristics that usually accompany those facial expressions.

With just one look, you can learn to read a man just like a book.  Beauty may only be skin deep, but the man's face suggests a great deal about the personality beneath the surface.  According to a renowned author, the look in a man's eyes, the set of his mouth and the way he smiles are all clues to his personality.  Study your man's face carefully, and then read about the characteristics that usually accompany those facial expressions.  The article Look Before You Love shares the following insights.

Reading Facial expressions

What's behind the shadow of his smile?

A full and spontaneous smile signals a man who is content and relaxed with himself- and is genuinely interested in you, too.

  • Smirk.  The man who wears a smirk harbors motions of false superiority.  Cynical about others, he tends to be sarcastic and he'll denigrate your achievements to preserve his own sense of accomplishment.
  • Frozen Smile.  Although a frozen smile look real at first, you'll quickly discover that it is actually unchanging, an indication that this guy is trying to shield his feelings from others.  Chances are that this man is none too happy with himself, and therefore not likely to be happy in a relationship, either.
  • Ear to Ear Grin.  Here's a good-humored man whose wide open smile can light up a room.  It's the mark of someone who is not afraid to express every last bit of pleasure.  Such a sense of joy is contagious and you'll probably find yourself more upbeat than usual.

Are you the apple of his eyes?

The eyes have been called the mirrors of the soul and indeed they may be a man's most revealing features.  Study his eyes for clues to what is buried inside.

  • Indirect gaze.  He's looking at your shoulder, forehead, neck and chin- almost anywhere except your eyes. And although he's definitely interested in getting to know you better, he's held back by self-consciousness and shyness.  He is generally good relationship material when he finds a woman who inspires his confidence.
  • Shifty eyes.  A man who narrows his eyes and darts his gaze from side to side is nervous and suspicious.  In a relationship he'll always be wondering what you're really after.
  • Unblinking stare.  An unblinking gaze places you under a powerful microscope and the fact that it makes you uncomfortable is no real concern to him.  Be aware that he can be secretive and unyielding if you're interested in a relationship with a powerful, single-minded man.
  •  Wink.  This is the action of man who's direct about letting you know that he's really interested.  As you get to know him a little better, you'll discover whether he uses the occasional wink to add just the right amount of suggestiveness to a conversation- or whether it's only a gimmick.
  • Direct eye contact.  The attentive man who looks you straight in the eyes as you talk is genuinely interested in exchanging ideas and emotions.  Sincere and honest, he willingly drops his defensive shield when he's attracted to a woman and lets you know that, at least for the moment, you are the only other person in his world.

What issues do his eyebrows raise?

A man's eyebrows are often very expressive, carrying almost as many clues to his personality as the eyes themselves.

  • One raised brow.  He is a bit mischief maker and tends to be skeptical about many things, including relationships.
  • Raised eyebrows.  He is optimistic, filled with wonder about the world.  It could be a flirtatious gesture to let you know he is quite taken with your intelligence and beauty if those eyebrows remain raised for a long period of time.
  • Knitted eyebrows.  These the trademark of a man overly concerned with responsibility.  Analytical and shrewd, he selects the women in his life carefully, often for pragmatic reasons as much as emotional ones.

                        Images of facial expressions



                                                    Knitted eyebrows



                                                        Ear to ear grin


                                                  Direct eye contact


Resource:  Look Before You Love, Woman Today

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