Your Cat May Have Special Mental Abilities You Are Not Aware Of

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Dogs and cats are very perceptive creatures, with the abilities to sense things we are not aware of. As you know, there are many service dogs and dogs that have sensed diseases and illnesses in their humans. Here you can learn some special studies and ins

Dogs and cats are known for having very perceptive and intuitive feelings. It seems as though many pets have special powers that we are not aware of. We may joke about the fact that our dogs and cats seem to know almost to the minute when it is feeding time, when you’re coming home from a long day and other ordinary events, such as the onset of a storm. Cats do seem to have extra sensory perceptions or ESP. They have very perceptive minds and are smarter and more intuitive than they let on to be.

Many stories have been documented about cats that have been left behind when their owners relocated. I myself could never leave my pet behind, but there are instances where families seem to be left with no alternative. Most cats for sure do not like traveling in a car.

When relocating from New York to California, a family had to leave their precious pet behind. They felt it to be less stressful for their cat by finding it a new home rather than travel several hours in the car. Several months later in California a cat shows up on their doorstep, the friend they left behind. It is amazing that the animal traveled by foot all those miles to find its family.

Families often have to move from state to state for whatever reason. A similar story occurred when a family moved to Oklahoma, leaving their cat with their neighbors in California. Their feline hated traveling in the car and knew it would be too traumatic to bring him on this long journey. Almost a year later, a cat resembling their pet came to their door in Oklahoma. In many of these instances where cats and other animals have traveled hundreds to thousands of miles to find their original owners, skeptics believe it’s a wishful thinking on the owner’s part that that animal is their previous pet. However in most of these cases, after thorough examination, the cats did have specific unique features, identifying them as the pet that has been lost.

Both dogs and cats seem to have special senses that we are not aware of. Studies on pets special abilities have shown that beyond their ESP capabilities, certain smells, vibrations and sounds may contribute to why an animal knows when something will happen before it does. Many dogs have been credited as service dogs and as heroes in saving and caring for their humans. However, cats also have some of the same special abilities.

Stories have been told of cats that can perceive when their owner is experiencing a seizure. They are so in tune to the inner emotions of their humans. They do know when you’re not happy and when you’re not feeling well. They may not openly express their feelings to you or, on the other hand, may be all over you as a way to let you know that they’re there for you.

In recent years, a story has been told of a cat that lives in a nursing home, making friends with all the residents. As it turned out this cat had a natural instinct to know the onset of a residents’ demise within four hours. Another wonderful story came from the Wisconsin area of a cat that had been rescued by a woman and her son from a local shelter. This rescue was a beautiful long-haired 21 pound cat. His new momma who rescued him had been a diabetic since she was a child. That first evening after going to bed, the pet owner went into a diabetic seizure and the cat sat on her chest, swatting at her face and nipping at her nose until she woke up briefly in order to call 911.  Without her cat’s intervention, the situation could have been tragic. Was that cat saving her owner as a way to say “thank you” for being rescued by her. Stories as such happen all the time – pets do have a stronger bond emotionally and mentally than we know.

It may not always be easy to understand what your cat is thinking or feeling, but your pet is more connected to you than you know. Your pets are very special creatures and you should be in tune with your animal, as you pay close attention to his behavior and body language since your cat just might be trying to tell you something.