You Can't Pacify Abuse

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A creative story about one woman's years of abuse spoken to her counselor who reports it using the third person narrative. A case of deliberate switching of identities to in all points try to kill the abused and insert a bastard. The designation bastard

This case history was taken by a clinical counselor.  It is, of course, surreal fictitious and not intended to be construed as the case history of any real person.  The language used is the language used in a clinical counseling confrontation.  Those who have had mental health treatments will recognize the techniques used and will not be offended either by the language or by the material. 

A young girl was brought to the United States by her Dad, who was already  there.  When she and her family arrived, they were introduced to a woman who had  a daughter the same age as she.  The woman did not have a husband and was  embarrassed because her daughter did not have a Dad, like mine.  The woman  planned a conspiracy with the young girl’s mother to say that the young girl was  the daughter of the woman who did not have a husband and the daughter of the  woman who did not have a husband would pass as her Dad’s daughter.

The point was to make the one who did not have a Dad feel better about  herself.  They never cared about the young girl whose Dad was now someone else’s  Dad, and she was left orphaned.  The young girl was chastised by friends of the  one who was passing as her Dad’s and made to feel as if there were no decent  people on Earth.

The one who had passed through many years as the young girl’s Dad’s was  unimaginably cruel and vicious.  Her friends were worse than her.  The abuse  they foisted on the young girl was that much that the young girl created another  person to be her.  The young girl became a writer at the age of eleven and had  her writing published in many places.

The fact that the bastard passing as her was getting paid for these writings was not told to her even by her own family who was also getting paid by the bastard's biological mother using her illegal contacts. 



Those writings saved the young girl from the evil that the one’s mother and  the one and her friend tried to inflict on her.  The young girl wrote and wrote  and wrote.  Her writings made the one who didn’t really have a Dad afraid to  abuse her since the young girl’s mother told the mother who didn’t have a Dad  that her daughter could claim.

Those writings saved the young girl who grew up to become a teacher and a  mother with a husband.  People who knew of the abuse never bothered to ask if  the young girl was married.  Yes,

The abuse after the writings were published changed.  The person who had one  without marriage and with no husband told everyone that she was actually writing  what the young girl had published.  That was supposed to be a secret.

The effects of the abuse were considerable.  Many, many years later, the  young girl was able to learn why she was as troubled as she was.  Remembering  the abuse made her a very when she was finally able to handle it made her a seriously disturbed woman. 

That she was told what can you do about it did not help matters.  That she will never forgive should be evident.  That even an abused person has means of dealing with that abuse should be apparent. 

Abuse is a serious problem that can't be covered and won't be forgiven.  Not even Jesus forgave.  When He came back, the entire Jewish country was obliterated.  Abusers often get paid in kind sometimes by their abuser. 


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