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Yoga Plus Cardio Workouts: The Formula For Weight Loss

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yoga and cardio exercises can lead to weight loss

When talking about weight loss, one cannot help to think that it is virtually impossible to lose weight without vigorous and tedious exercise plans. And sometimes, even then, the end result does not show something visible. Not an inch of your undesirable fats has been reduced which makes all the exercises a futile effort. If you have been tiring yourself day in and day out and still nothing comes out of it, maybe your are not doing things right. Maybe it’s about time you jazz things up a bit. Don’t just focus on one particular activity, for example. Like, you can do cardio workouts on certain days, but in between those, you can have yoga sessions.

Yoga basically is a relaxation technique; a combination of physical and breathing techniques with a touch of a meditation. Many are raving and ranting on the benefits of yoga, not just on the mental plane, but on the physical aspect, too. The great thing about yoga is that you do not have to strain yourself in order to reap the benefits. You only have to do the techniques right for you to experience an improvement in your metabolism and insulin sensitivity, and lose weight in the process. Not only that, when you are doing yoga, you can also submit yourself into meditation. Meditation is an exercise of the mind. Meditating trains the mind and sends you away from the urge to eat with all your heart’s content.

There are various types of yoga for various needs. If your goal is to lose weight, the power yoga should be most suitable. This type of yoga deals with quicker moves, leading to a greater amount of calories being burned. Beginners at yoga would understandably have to learn the basic steps or poses first before moving on to the more complicated forms. The basic moves consist of movements of the body to the five main directions: the forward bend, back bend, standing poses, twists and inversions. Just by being alone in a quiet room while applying the basic poses and complementing these with relaxing instrumentals, is already a form of yoga, although of course it is always a better idea to have a professional instruct you on the basic principles. Anyhow, once you have gotten used to the basics, then you can by all means proceed with the more advanced moves.

They say yoga is a phenomenal way of being able to keep in touch with your own self. It is a matter that involves both the mind and body. By meditating, your mind becomes more relaxed from all the stresses, and eventually, your body will experience the physical benefits. Keen on losing weight, you may be surprised at the end of your 30-minute yoga session because then you will start to feel differently. You will be more aware on what you need to eat and what it feels to be full along the process of yoga.

It may a while before anyone else can notice the physical results from doing power yoga frequently, but this should not worry you at all because the best approach to lose weight is to lose weight gradually.

Consider to have yoga alongside your usual routine of cardio exercises and other diet control plans. The main trick here is to live healthily from the inside out.


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