Xome vs Zillow vs Realtor.com: Real Estate Listings & Additional Services Compared

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Xome is a good option for those who like having constant contact about their listing questions since there’s a 24/7 concierge service available. Zillow will appeal to those who want to be sure about their agents ahead of time due to the more than 1 mill

If you need help with real estate listing or other services, there are a number of options available. Here are a few examples including a comparison between them for your review.


Xome has over 80% of homes listed on MLS available. This includes more than 120 million properties. The site has some of the best support features of any of the listing services out there, so it will appeal to beginners or those who need constant contact.


  • 24/7 Live Chat-Click on the red “Chat with Xome Concierge” rectangle in the bottom left corner of the top page to get some helping with listing and other services. This just requires you to link with Facebook or Google Plus, or else to add your name. Then you add your message and hit the red button and you can get round-the-clock help with buying or selling your home.
  • 1% Discount Minimum on Sales Price-When you list your home, the site guarantees that you’ll save at least 1% off the normal price.
  • Free CMA Valuation-You get a free comparative market analysis valuation on your home when you choose to list it through Xome.
  • Easy Home Claiming-The first step for getting your home listed is to claim it on Xome. This just makes you add in your address so you can then track changes affecting your local market. At this point, you will then choose a particular agent.
  • Xome Auctions-Another interesting possibility on the site in terms of additional services is the “Auction” link which you’ll see on the main page. This lets you register and then bid on properties in real time. All the bids through this service are open, so you’ll see any changes happening completely in real-time.



The line for Zillow on their main page is “Find your way home,” and a lot of their features have to do with getting information and media about houses. The site has extensive review options and it’s often helpful to go through reviews for agents to get a sense of what they’re like before committing to using them as a listing agent.


  • Easy Agent Finder-The “agent finder” option at the top of the site lets you find agents near you with just a click or two. Each agent is listed based on their location relative to yours, as well as their star rating. You can see how many reviews they have as well some of the comments about them. If you click on the agent you’ll see their full bio including what licenses and languages they have as well as their current listings.
  • Extensive Agent Reviews-Over 1 million reviews are available on the Zillow site regarding real estate agents. Zillow makes for a great site if you want to be as sure as you can be of agents before deciding to go with them for whatever purpose whether it’s buying or selling.
  • Zillow App-If you install the Zillow app for your phone, you can use it to find homes for sale based on a number of preconditions right near you. It’s even possible to get directions to these houses so you can go check them out before you decide to get any more interested.



Realtor.com is connected to a number of organizations including Houselogic, Realtor University and the National Association of Realtors. The service updates most of their listings very frequently, with over 90% getting updated once every 15 minutes. This means that the service is good to us if you need up to date information on everything from open houses to apartments for rent or recently sold homes. It also means that your own listing will likely be updated frequently whenever any changes are made to it so those who are interested in it can stay informed.


  • Versatile App-You can download the app for not just the App Store and Google Play, but you can also get it at the Windows Store as well. The app is well reviewed online with nearly 90,000 reviews just on the Google Play site and a 4+ star rating.
  • Most Listings Updated Every 15 Minutes-Realtor.com has millions of listings and they update these listings every 15 minutes. At least 90% of the listings on the site are updated this frequently according to the site. Many people who need listing and other services could benefit from this when it comes to properties that move very quickly.
  • Area Scout-You can scout areas you’re thinking about moving to with the app, even as you list your own property.

Head to Head


Xome has many support features including 24/7 access to live chat concierges, as well as phone and email. You also get the free CMA valuation if you’re listing.

Zillow has a lot of modern features like a mobile app and crowdsourced reviews for agents. If you click on the “help” link in the bottom left, you can also go to the Zillow Advice link in green on the bottom left of the new page to get information from the community. Contacting Zillow directly appears to be a bit hard since there’s no obvious link in any of the usual places.

Realtor.com updates every 15 minutes on most of their listings which is one of their main draws. You can also get support features under the “contact us” link under where it says “corporate” at the very bottom of the page. There’s an email form, a phone number and an email address listed here, but no word on hours.


Real estate agents who join Xome have to reduce their commission by 1% for all transactions. It’s free for everyone in general. The amount you pay in fees as a buyer or seller will depend on the particular agent.

Joining Zillow is free, but there are other options you can use like the Zillow Premier agent which charges $50 per lead if you want to use the site as an agent. Thousands of agents are using this service, and 500 or more are signing up per day.

Realtor.com also has free options for listing.