Wondershare, Xilisoft & Aimersoft: DVD Ripper Software Compared

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Aimersoft is a package clearly meant for beginners, and it has a cheaper price as a result. It has a surprising amount of features for such a cheap program though. Both Xilisoft and Wondershare have a lot more features, with higher costs as well. Each has

What Should You Use to Rip DVDs?

 The sheer amount of choice regarding what program you should use for ripping your DVDs can be intimidating. Fortunately, most of these programs let you try them out over a free trial period. Finding the perfect software for your needs will depend on what you want in a ripper in terms of speed, quality, and features.


 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a higher priced piece of software that has a large amount of extra features. You can try out the free trial for Windows or Mac, and the software itself costs around 60 dollars. The software has a 90 day money back guarantee that comes with it as well.


-30x Conversion Speed (APEXTRANS technology)

Wondershare claims to have a conversion speed over 30 times faster than many other standard converters.

-Convert to 158+ formats

Wondershare has a truly massive database of potential formats that you can use for getting your DVD video compatible with the device or program of your choice. You can also rip to ISO, and there’s even a DVD burner included.

-Capture Images in BMP, JPEG, GIF, or PNG

-Unique Video Formats ( TIVO, DRM MP4, NUT)

With Wondershare, you can convert to formats any other converters don’t  have.

-Unique Audio Formats (M4R, MP2 M2A, APE FLAC)

Rip your DVD into almost any audio format you can think off, from the usual suspects like MP3, AAC and so on, to more unique formats not found in other ripper programs.

-Full Editing Capabilities

Wondershare can do all of the standard cutting, merging, cropping, and so on. It can also add up to 10 effects to your video, which is great for home movies.  You can also add text, videos, images, slides and audio to the DVD file.

-Windows 8 Compatibility

-Convert to 3D

If you have 3D capability on your computer or TV, you can rip a DVD and convert it into this format.

How Does it Compare to Other Programs?



Wondershare is definitely pricier than other comparable ripper programs, so if all you want is a simple DVD ripper without extra features than the price may not be worth it for you.


Sheer Number of Conversion Options

Wondershare is certainly powerful when it comes to how many files you can convert to from DVD, as well as the brightness, shading, and many other options you have in the editor.



Aimersoft is a fairly standard DVD ripper program with a free trial available for both XP and Mac. You can buy the full software for about $36.


-6x Conversion Speed (with Nvidia CUDATM)

Tying up your computer for half the day with DVD conversion can be super frustrating. Aimersoft seeks to fix this problem through the Nvidia CUDATM tech that uses the GPU on your graphics card instead of the computer’s CPU for processing. This makes the process 6 times faster than standard HD video conversion. This requires an Nvidia graphics card that’s compatible, of course.

-Rip to Any Device

Aimersoft allows for a wide range of conversion options so you can watch your DVD file on over 150 devices from iPhone to Xbox 360.

-Convert to Audio and Video Formats

Aimersoft also lets you convert to over 15 SD and HD Video formats including more rare ones like TRP and TP. You can convert the video directly to audio as well. All of the major audio formats are available from WAV, and MP3 to OGG and AC3.


The software also lets you add your own watermark to a video you’ve ripped. This can be useful for the following purposes.

  •  Promotional video
  • Giving Credit to another video creator
  • Adding a personal message to a personal video like a home movie

-Trim, Merge, Subtitles, Effects and Other Tools

You’ll get the full range of tools for merging your files together, trimming them, and adding any subtitles or special effects that you need to your ripped DVD files. You can also take snapshots of your DVD video easily in JPG format.

Comparison Between Other Programs


Slow Normal Speed

If you can’t take advantage of the Nvidia speed enhancer, the speeds for conversion can be quite slow. The free trial has quite a limited duration as well.


Range of Features for Price

The relatively cheap price of the program combined with the many different features like watermarking and son, as well as the very easy to use format make the software a good choice for the economical ripper.




Xilisoft comes in three different editions ranging from standard to ultimate. Standard is around 40 and ultimate costs about $60. Xilisoft is one of the older DVD ripping and video sites around, and they have software with the most extensive features when compared to most other DVD ripping programs.


-DVD Customization

When you rip or otherwise work with DVDs that are still in a DVD format, you can split or merge individual DVD titles, or else cut up various pieces of the video into new sections.

-Watch ripped DVDs on Any Device

This could include Wii, PS3, Xbox, Zune, and so on.

-Rip into Several Videos at Once

This feature lets you rip one video file from a DVD but end up with several  different video formats at once. You can rip individual DVD chapters this way as well instead of the whole video.

-Auto DVD Info Grab

The program can get cover information, as well as various pieces of info  about the DVD like filling out the titles and chapters automatically.

-Change Output Language

Xilisoft can output to other languages besides English like Portuguese, French, Spanish, German and so on.

-Use Free Version

Xilisoft has a free version that you can use indefinitely, though many features are disabled and it’s mostly just for simple rips.

How Does It Compare?



Xilisoft is also fairly pricey compared to other options.

Hidden Limitations:

 Some customers complained that Xilisoft versions changed on their computer during updates, which would then randomly limit the software in new ways. For example, one customer complained that the software could no longer rip a full 2 hour movie.

Pros-The versatility at Xilisoft lets you choose either a cheap product or a more expensive one depending on the features you want. The more expensive software has more features than competitors like multi-ripping ability.