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Wizard 101 : Online Game For The Whole Family

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Wizard 101 is an Online Roleplaying game for the whole family.

For the parents out there who are familiar with games online such as World of Warcraft, it might be a fun idea to get your kids into something similar, though more kid-friendly. Wizard 101 is just the place to do that! Wizard 101 is an online roleplaying game created by KingsIsle Entertainiment. The game is based on card magic and a turn based system. Basically, you create a wizard in the beginning and you choose which school of magic you will be based in.

There are seven magic schools to choose from, based in elemental-type categories. If you are new to the game, you may want to take the little quiz they offer, that will give you a suggestion in which school you want to start with. Once you have a primary school chosen, later when players get Training Points, they will be able to apply those points to a secondary school. Finding the best combination of school spells is part of the fun of playing the game.

  • Fire - Students do more damage over time. Spell Examples: Fire Elves, Heckhound, and Meteors
  • Ice - Students can take large amounts of damage and still survive. Spell Examples: Blizzard, Snowman
  • Storm - Students do more damage at a lesser accuracy rating. Spell Examples: Storm Bats, Kraken
  • Life - Students can heal themselves and others. Spell Examples: Fairy, Satyr, and Dryad
  • Death - Students steal from opponents to survive. Spell Examples: Cryptkeeper, Ghoul, and Dark Fairy
  • Myth - Students can summon and protect their minions. Spell Examples: Summon Minion, Bloodbat
  • Balance - Students are best during group-play. Spell Examples: Scorpion, Locust Swarm

When players first start the game, they will be influenced by the quests available in the first 'world' Wizard City, and as the players progress through the game, they will have more 'worlds' open up to them and more quests to do.


  • Wizard City - this world is basically the 'tutorial' world
  • Kroktopia - Set in desert with Egyptian feel with NPC characters being Salamanders
  • Marleybone - Set in London, Victorian Era, NPC characters are Dogs and Cats
  • Mooshu - Set in Japanese atmosphere, NPC characters are Pigs and Elephants
  • Dragonspyre - Dragons and Fire, lots of lava
  • Grizzleheim - A forest like setting with the NPC characters being Bears and Ravens
  • Celestia - Underground water like atmosphere, with crabs and sharks
  • Wintertusk - Ice and Snow setting

It is recommended that players do quests and combat together, which can be a cause for pause for some parents. However, as a current player of the game myself, and I have no children, I assure you that the game may be child-like, but it has something for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Extra Features:

Pets - Wizard101 just recently introduced the Pet Pavillion, giving the pets that people purchase with crowns or in-game gold some sort of significance. People can train their pets in specific areas such as; knowledge, agility, speed, etc. Players can then take their trained pets and race other players' pets for Arena Tickets. Players can use the Arena Tickets to purchase new clothing with special items or special pets and much more.

Housing - When a player starts as a new wizard, there are school dorms that they are able to store their things in. In 2009, the game introduced Castles, which were houses that players were able to decorate and customize themselves. While it is not mandatory to move out of your dorm room and into a castle, this feature accommodates those players who like to build and decorate their own spaces within the game.

Crafting and Gardening - These are the two most currenly added features. With crafting you will find reagents that you can make clothing, furniture, jewelry, and cards to help your wizard or sell them to make money in the City Bazaar, which is similar to World of Warcraft's Auction House. Gardening is simply getting seeds and using special gardening spell cards to take care of your plants. Once harvested your plants can give you XP, more seeds, or reagents.

Wizard 101 has a plot and a quest system that is easy to follow. There are ways for children and adults alike to have fun and it is designed to be a great pasttime for players to do as a family. The game has set up online security and parental controls that make playing safe and fun for all!


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