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Windows Black Error Screen: Not As Bad As Blue Screen of Death

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What is the Black Screen Error or Black Screen of Death that occurs on Windows Operating Systems and how to fix it. Relax: It is not as bad as the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD.)

Windows OS Errors

Windows 7, -say what you might but it is far better than any recent release of Microsoft's quintessential O.S. product. However, circa last 2009 there were spurious reports of a phenomena dubbed the "Black Screen of Death" or "Black Screen Error." Calm down, -it is not that bad!

Not just Windows 7

Users of Windows_95 and to a lesser extent even users of Windows_98 used to get a dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" which pretty much meant total crash of your system. The dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' or "BSoD" for short was caused by a systemic hardware or driver failure. White text on a bright blue background.

This usually meant more than just minor repairs were required. The "Black Screen Error" is different however.

It was at least two of Microsoft's automatic or recommended updates (KB915597 and KB976098) that are purported to be the cause of Black Screen Error. According to PCWorld magazine, what happened is that Microsoft made some changes to the Access Control List (ACL) which is a listing of permissions granted to a logged-in user.

The ACL made changes some registry keys which allows the creation of some new desktop features such as the sidebar, etc. and thus interacts with existing registry key settings. Allegedly, the changes installed via the 'update patches' are not recognized by some applications and thus, they in turn fail to launch or run properly.

Microsoft in its usual detached demeanor neither confirmed nor denied the error was caused by anything related to their installed patches but were 'looking into' the possibility. This was around mid 2009.

Understanding that these update patches affected not just Windows 7, but other OS including VISTA, NT, Windows_2000 and even Windows _XP.

Microsoft released a statement on Dec. 1rst, 2009 that the Black Screen Error does not appear to be caused by the update patches abut that it was a general malware 'related to' a Daonal malware which makes the changes cited.

According the Prevx, a security company based the the UK, the sporadic issue occurs when the WinLogon Shell entry for Explorer.exe become invalidated. Because it is inaccessible and unusable as altered, it is ignored and thus your OS' Desktop and Task Bar are not being loaded. -Black Screen Error.

Fixing Black Screen of Death Error in Windows OS

If you are experiencing the Black Screen Error, Prevx has a step-by-step solution for Black Screen Error that you can follow to correct your settings, or a blackscreenfix download from Prevx if you prefer.

Prevx team also discovered at least 10 separate things that can trigger Black Screen Error. They advise users of the affected systems to try to blackscreenfix download or the step-by-step solution first (links above) as these even if they do not solve the Black Screen Error, are not harmful to your system.


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