Why You Should Never Kick Someone when They Are Down Because They May Get Up Again

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This is what may happen when you kick someone who is down because they may get up. The life story of Gengis Khan, the Mongol Conqueror illustrates perfectly what can happen.

Be careful when you kick someone who is down that they don’t get up again! It is part of human nature when anything is down whether a person or an animal to have the rest of the world to pile on looking for the kill. The problem with this is most people often confuse the idea that when someone falls down in life it is not always permanent. Very often a person who has fallen is capable of rising to the occasion and getting back on their feet. Although most people have a tendency to kick you when you're down like you were a dead dog they should remember that you aren’t.

The person who is being kicked has a long memory so that in the future they will have a very strong tendency to reward those who help them. They also have an equally strong memory concerning those were able to reign kicks or curses at them in a time of crisis.

There is probably no better story to illustrate this mystery in the story Gengis Khan the 13th century Mongol conqueror. As a youth his father was treacherously murdered by members of the Tatar clan. He crossed the steps of Mongolia after the murder to rejoin his mother and Family. His father had been the khan of one of the tribes that considered themselves Mongols. When his father dead his mother tried to rally the clan but because she was a woman the other tribesmen recognize her as their leader, and left.

When the last of the clan had left the only ones remaining with him were his mother and siblings. On top of that the Taters had placed a price on his head, so this little group had to flee into the mountains to survive. They survived meeting ground squirrels and weeds. Finally someone stole one of the remaining horses belonging to his little band forcing him to go alone to bring the horse thieves to justice. It was during this chase that he met another youth, “Chepe Noyan,” that later became one of this generals leading the Mongol horde.

This was where his luck turned out we still had to undergo another try in the hands of Taters who held him prisoner in a Kang. This was a device where your hands are tied to a long pole across your shoulders meeting you in a helpless position where you cannot even see yourself, or anything else. Eventually he knocked his guard unconscious by striking him on the head with the end of the Kang. He then escaped the Tatar camp by hiding from his pursuers in a nearby swamp.

He finally escaped from the Taters with the help of the Mongol that was living in the Tatar camp who had taken pity on him and helped him to escape. After this episode his lot changed completely allowing him to accumulate in the army under his command. One of the very first things that he did with his new army was to totally destroy the Taters. He also always rewarded those who helped him most generously.

The lesson is learned from this bit of history is that it does not pay to kick someone when they are down because they may get up!