Why You Must Avoid Excessive Sexual Indulgence

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Although sex does have its benefits, excessive sexual activities or over-indulgence in sexual activities is very damaging to the wellbeing and health of those concerned. Why is this case? How can one ameliorate the effects that excessive sexual activities

Love making or sex is an important part of any intimate relationship; whether for married couples or those having an affair. It creates that inner joy or fulfillment, as is often the case and it’s meant to give pleasure. The fact that lovemaking comes with a lot of benefits cannot be overemphasized.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Ameliorating stress
  • Elevated happiness; a state known as sexual ecstasy
  • Boosting health
  • Promoting friendship
  • Procreation
  • Tonic or daily boost and a host of other advantages.

Though all the points above may be true, over indulgence could however pose serious health concern; especially on the male partner.

The purpose of this article is to showcase some of the dangers and health risks associated with excessive sex.

Effects of Excessive Sex

It taxes the body

Excessive and constant sexual activities; which often culminates in over-ejaculation leads to over-production of androgen hormones. These excesses could lead to adrenal and sex organ fatigue. It strains and taxes the body; making the person to look worn out and haggard. It is true that much pleasure is inherent in sex but over-indulgence does have its effects on the person involved.

It is also a known medical fact that Epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol are all released during sexual intercourse and they increase the fight-or-flight response, directly increasing heart rate, triggering the release of glucose and increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscle. All these activities have an immense taxing effect on the body.

Weakens immunity

Excessive sexual activities weaken the body’s natural immunity. The hormone prostaglandin E-2, which serves an important function in sexual arousal, is overproduced when one engages in marathon or excessive sexual activities and has an inflammatory effect on the body by;

  • damaging tissues, nerves and joints,
  • weakening immunity,
  • causing muscular and nervous pain, and
  • promoting infection, inflammation, and even cancer.

Lack of sexual stimulation/impotence

It has been researched and discovered that excessive sex does lead to chronic elevation of epinephrine and prostaglandin E2 which results in severe damage to brain cells and parasympathetic nerves in the liver, lungs, adrenal glands, heart, blood vessels and some other vital body systems.

Consequentially, you might experience a number of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, persistent sexual arousal and sexual dysfunction such as impotence and premature ejaculation in men and a lack of sexual stimulation in women.

Long term sexual inflammation

All of the afore-mentioned effects of excessive sexual activities causes the pituitary gland and testicles (ovaries in women) to become disabled for some days or even months, leading to a long-term sexual exhaustion and inflammation.

The first thing you might notice is a tightening or rigid feeling in your muscles and joints anytime you ejaculation. It could be really painful. The pain becomes even more severe at about 2-4 hours after ejaculating due to the sudden drop of DHEA, testosterone and DHT. You may experience some real pains for a couple of days until your prolactin and cortisol levels are returned to their normal ranges.

Could lead to hair loss / baldness

Hair loss is a major concern especially among the middle aged and there are many alleged causes treatments for it. However, a lot of people also fail to address a major underlying cause: a high stress physical response sometimes triggered by over-ejaculation.

At puberty, boys maintain an extremely high level of testosterone and DHT without stress and are therefore able to achieve a full head of hair. As they grow older, men with a high level of DHT and stress lose their hairs. Stress and its induced inflammatory factors in the bloodstream are known to deplete melatonin production during the night and heat up the blood, causing hair loss.

Reversing The Effects Of Excessive Sexual Activity

In order to reverse the ill-effects of overly sexual activity or over-ejaculation, it is advisable to abstain from sexual activity for a couple of weeks. Give your body the needed break to rest and recover. Then if you so choose, you may resume with less frequency. A healthy habit is to ejaculate a total of three to four times a week.

Eating fruits and good meals is also important. Ginseng, garlic and goat weed are some good additions to meals that aids in revitalizing your body after the much damaging effects of over-indulgence in sexual activities.

Now you know why you must avoid excessive sex at all cost.





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