Why Yankee Candle Reed Diffusers are Better than Candles themselves

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What are the risks of using candles? Is burning candles bad for your health? What is soot? What is a safe way of getting a good scent into my home? What are diffusers? What are some of the advantages of using diffusers over burning candles? How is

Candles have long been used to clean the air and add a pleasant smell to our homes. But did you know that some candles use wicks that contain lead, or that most candles are made from petroleum? Yes, paraffin wax is a by-product of petroleum, and if you burn a lot of candles perhaps you have noticed a thin black soot layer on your windows. This soot layer also enters your lungs and coats everything in your home, ruining artwork and other valuables.

If you have not cleaned the inside of your windows for some time do so and look for the residue on your paper towel. That residue is one reason why concerned people are moving away from paraffin candles and going over to soy candles or other vegetable based candles. However candles themselves still have some risks, one being the risk of a fire.

People who like a lot of fragrance in their home but do not want the worry of forgetting to blow out their candle, or the risk of having matches around where their kids could get them, have found reed diffusers to be a great alternative.  Yankee Candle has a great selection of reed diffusers in many styles of containers and fragrances.

What are Diffusers?

Reed diffusers are a relatively new product line in general. Diffusers are scented oils that are carried up from the container in sticks. They offer an even scent distribution into the room at all times.

How to Use Yankee Candle Reed Diffusers

You can buy complete kits in which the scented oils are sold in decorative bottles with the reeds. If you like a strong scent you should use all the reeds, if you prefer a more subtle scent use only a few of the reeds. You can also buy refills of the oils, different scents, and replacement reeds (they come in two colors, light or dark).

Diffusers should be put somewhere that they will not be tipped over by children or pets.

Yankee Candles offer diffusers in many different scents, and always have new seasonal scents come out on a regular basis. From time to time they discontinue older scents and bring in new ones. If you have a favorite scent you may want to stock up but be aware that you may become too accustomed to a scent and it can lose its effectiveness, as such many people find that switching scents is a good way to continue enjoying their diffusers.

One reed diffuser is enough for one room, however the length of time they will last depends on how many reeds you use, using more reeds will speed up the evaporation, however Yankee Candle diffusers are still very long lasting when compared to lower quality diffusers.

Use Yankee Candle diffusers in the office, at home (great for when trying to sell your home), in the bathroom, or anywhere you want to have a pleasant smell.

One of the newest Yankee Candle products is the reed diffusers in which the reeds themselves are more decorative, featuring flowers.

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