Why Miscarriages Might Occur Unnoticed

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Why miscarriages might be unnoticed

Many women have miscarriages, even more in their lives, without realizing this. There are more reasons for that and modern fertility experts estimate only half of the fertilized egg cells might actually develop into a baby.

There are several reasons women might have a miscarriage without knowing it. Most miscarriages occur during the first three months of a pregnancy and many in the first month when a women might still expect a menstrual bleeding and take the miscarriage for one.

Still there are reasons why most miscarriages never get reported.

1) Denial and unawareness

Some women get pregnant unwanted and when their period does come a little late and very severe, this might be a miscarriage.

For those who do not long for a baby, this might be a relief and they might not want to think they were pregnant. It might occur as a convenience for them.

Others, who long for a baby, might not want think of the idea of losing a baby and might not want to consider the idea of a miscarriage. They deny it not to feel the pain of their loss.

Fact is that most of these somewhat later and very severe periods are miscarriages, but they do not always get examined that way.

Sometimes a woman might really not be aware of the fact she was pregnant. Women who always have irregular, severe bleedings might have more unnoticed miscarriages than others. The reason their conceptions go wrong might also be due to the reason their cycle is irregular and their bleedings severe.

2) Disappearing twin

Modern scientists have discovered that many women do have more than one ovulation during a cycle. Actually, many pregnancies do start as twins.

In the old days it was believed that some blood loss during the first three months of a pregnancy was normal and nothing to worry about.

Today we know this might actually be a miscarriage of a lesser developed foetus that dies and get rejected by the body, while the stronger brother or sister will grow on and will get born.

This might be a natural selection in the womb that for some reason doctors still can not fully declare. At least now we do not know that most pregnancies start with more than one ovary.

In some cases it might also be that one egg cell did not got fertilized and just comes out as a regular menstrual bleeding during the beginning of a pregnancy, while the other did got fertilized and develops as a baby.

So you may not tell if it were a miscarriage or a different kind of bleeding during the beginning of a pregnancy, without further investigation.

Not all women go to a doctor or not all doctors will examine the bleeding when the life of the developing baby is not at stake.

Still it is best for women who desire to have a baby or who are pregnant and have bleeding that does not occur normal, to be checked by a physician.


Posted on Sep 26, 2010
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Posted on Apr 15, 2010