Why It is Important to Teach Kids About Personal Hygiene

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It is important for kids to practice personal hygiene because health is akin to wealth.

Being healthy is akin to being wealthy. The health of your children is also your wealth so it is very important to teach personal hygiene to the kids while they are still young so that they will have a healthy and a happy life.

Personal hygiene is a very important factor for a healthy life. For growing children, personal hygiene is crucial since the way they live will affect their growth and development. Healthy life for kids will keep them away from any illness. Good personal hygiene doesn't only make the kids away from sickness but it will keep them feeling comfortable and active in their daily activities. Early hygiene enhancement gives the child a healthier life while can bring about a better performance.

In order for kids to easily develop personal hygiene, you should start from yourself. Setting an example for the children to follow is one of the best ways to enhance personal hygiene early in their life.

Children always follow or imitate what they see around them so your good examples will let them become aware of personal hygiene.

When the kids are at home, they can easily see what their elders and other family members are doing. If you want them to practice personal hygiene properly then you have to do it yourself. Say for example it is time for you to eat, gather the children and tell them to wash their hands before eating. After your meal, teach the kids to wash their hands again before proceeding to their other activities. If the kids are taught personal hygiene in a routine method, the practice will become part of their daily life which is good because they will carry this up to their grown up stage.

It is also good to show the children some pictures of correct personal hygiene. Children appreciate beautiful pictures and the things they see in pictures are easily painted in their minds. Show them pictures of children washing their hands and their face, trimming nails, taking a bath and combing their hair. You will notice that when children are shown pictures, they react immediately and tell you what they also do. They easily associate their activities to that of the pictures.

In order for children to understand more about personal hygiene, they must be made to understand what personal hygiene is all about. Children will learn more by understanding first what is being taught to them. It is important for the kids to know the association of clean living to their health so that they will understand why you are teaching them about personal hygiene.

Children could be taught personal hygiene through your example. When you wake up in the morning, show them that you wash your face and brush your teeth. When you handle food, show them that you always wash your hands with soap and water. Teach them too not to use their clothes to wipe their nose and hands. Tell them that the hand towel is used for wiping the hands. Explain to your children that they should take a bath everyday and make them understand the benefits they get from practicing personal hygiene.

Children should know that by practicing personal hygiene, they become healthy and have a more comfortable and happier life.

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Pearl Wilson
Posted on Jul 15, 2011