Why It is Important for Children to Have a Stable and Pleasant Environment

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Providing the children with a stable and pleasant environment is very crucial in their growing up years.

Every child needs a home and not just a home but a stable home where family members are living harmoniously and where love, care, understanding, concern and happiness linger. All these are very important in a growing child’s growth and development. The early stages of a child’s life is the basic foundation of his life. This is the crucial stage where the child’s environment needs to be taken into consideration seriously. It is very important for parents to look into the pleasant environment of the child.  This includes the people around, a healthy surrounding and a harmonious family.

Home is where a family lives. It is where every child is born and reared. A home must therefore be a pleasant place for the children to acquire pleasant experiences and grow into healthy and happy kids.

Children with a pleasant environment are happier and healthier than children living in congested and chaotic environment not to mention parents who are always fighting. If parents are concerned with their children's proper growth and development and maintain a pleasant and stable environment; there is no problem for the children to go astray. The children would love to stay at home and have fun with the family members.

A pleasant and stable environment creates a cozy and comfortable place for the children where they feel the warmth and the love around them. This kind of environment has a great bearing on the children’s actuations and views in life. Their pleasant environment will also help them perform better academically and socially in school. A pleasant environment includes how parents make their relationship work especially for the sake of the kids around. Parents who show love and care to each other would have happier children than those whose parents always shout at one another and always talk about divorce or annulment. Too sad, there are countless broken homes in this modern world.

How would the children feel if they see their parents always fighting over small matters? What will happen to children of parents who don't know how to handle situations?

While it is true that children must also cooperate in order to have a stable environment, it is the parents who are most responsible for creating a good, stable and pleasant environment for the family. It is better for parents to provide the children more love and care because this is the most important part of life they need most.

Most children go astray because they want a place where they could belong and feel happy and comfortable. Children will not go home and ask permission from their parents that they would rather be in their friend's home if their home is riddled with problems. They just pack their things and get rid of their problem.

The most important gift for your kids is to give them a stable and pleasant environment where they could experience the best in life in their formative years.



Felisa Daskeo
Posted on Jul 26, 2011
Posted on Jul 26, 2011