Why Is My Sugar Glider Throwing His Food All Around?

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Have you ever wondered why your sugar glider is throwing and spitting those food particles all over your wall?

Many new Sugar Glider owners are appalled when they discover that these cute little hand sized pets can and do make a huge mess with their food. New owners have often been shocked to awake in the morning and find bits of sweet potato, peas, and even melon stuck to the walls and sometimes even the ceiling above the gliders cage. They are simply unprepared for the mess gliders make when eating and some even worry that their gliders are not getting enough nutrition with so much food thrown around.

Understanding a bit about gliders eating habits and exactly how they get their nutrition will help you to understand better why they are so messy and help you control some of the mess they make. First of all, while your glider may eat small bits of the food you set out for him, he usually doesn't actually eat the food at all but, rather gets the bulk of his nutrition from the liquids inside the foods.

Gliders teeth do go straight down from their gums but rather slant inward. This allows a glider to puncture and tear into that kernel or corn, that pea, or that piece of fresh melon in order to then get all the moisture from the inside of the food. He will tear minute pieces off suck and lick every bit of moisture from it and then spit out the dry bits before taking the next bite.

Since gliders roam all over the cage while they are eating these bits of food get spit out wherever the glider happens to be. They get their nutrition from the juices inside each bit of food. That is why in order to ensure that your glider is getting the right amounts of calcium and vitamins that most breeders recommend that along with the meat, fruits and vegetables your glider is fed you also supplement his diet with BML mix or an equivalent substitute. Since when the BML mix thaws it can be completely licked up by your glider it offers a liquid supplement that is extremely high in nutrients.

Now that you understand why your glider makes such a mess what can you do about it? One thing is sure. You are not going to be able to stop your gliders from spitting out their food. So if you can't learn to live with it then a glider is not the pet for you. You can however protect your walls and ceiling from taking the brunt of these messes simply by either making a surround for your cage from scrap lumber and plastic or building a cage with only a wire front. The surround works better simply because cleaning all solid cage each and every week can be a real chore while a surround can simply be taken outside and sprayed off with a hose and put back in place at the same time you clean your gliders cage.

Remember your glider isn't making this mess because they want to annoy you or because they don't like the dinner you serve. It is simply the way they need to eat to get the proper nutrition their little bodies need to stay healthy and fit. It may be appalling to you but, to them it is manna. So, let them enjoy their little feasts and they will stay healthy for many years to come.


Posted on Jan 4, 2011
Jerry Walch
Posted on Jan 4, 2011
Susan Kaul
Posted on Jan 3, 2011