Why Children Become Rebellious

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Children become rebellious only when they have reasons to become one.

There are no born criminals just as there are no children who like to become bad if situations do not make them become one. Children are born with parents or guardians to take care of them so there is no reason for a child to become rebellious if the child is reared the proper way. Most children who become rebellious have their reasons for doing so. Children become what they are because of different situations that they have no control.

Why do children become rebellious? There are one thousand and one reasons for children becoming rebellious just as there are countless reasons why these things happen all around the world.

It is expected that children are born with parents in a home where they will be taken cared and reared properly so that they will become good citizens in a certain country. But there are countless reasons why there are children who are born without their proper needs.

Some children are born without the father; some are born from separated families or broken families and some are born out of wedlock. With different situations that are sometimes inevitable, the children grow with only one parent; some grow in the care of other people and some just go on their own when they start learning how to hold the spoon. There are countless reasons why there are children who are not reared properly.

In some situations, even children of well-off families become rebellious. This is because the parents are too busy earning money and the children are left in the care of other people. The children are well-provided with material things but the most important thing that they need from their parents is missing. Parents must bear in mind that what children need is their presence, their moral support and their love and care; when children need someone to lean on, and this is where other people come in if the parents have no time for them.

Children come in different types and those who cannot accept that they are abandoned by their parents often resort to unpleasant vices and bad company. There are so many temptations around, that children could get involved in if they are left to fend for themselves especially at a young age.

Children get rebellious because they have reasons for being so. In my more than twenty years of teaching I found out that the unruly children are raised in broken families. This is not only among older children but even those who are in preschool. It is sad but there are situations that we cannot avoid when it comes to family matters.

What are some reasons that make children rebellious?

No moral support from parents

Most children who get no moral support from their parents become rebellious because they think that their parents do not care for them. They usually find the support that they need from other people but because they need their parents more than any other people, they resort to being rebellious in order to express their frustrations towards their parents.

Broken families

Children want a complete family that they call their own. They want to have a mother and a father. This is the reason why when parents are separated, some children find it hard accepting the situation that often result to kids becoming rebellious over their parents and other people. Their outlet to their emotions is through their rebellious manners towards people around them.

A broken family due to divorce can certainly cause a child to become rebellious. Part of the reason is that they might blame themselves for the divorce in the first place. Another factor is the constant confusion of their home life. Listening to two parents telling them this and that, that might be a conflict from what the other parent tells them.

The ping pong effect of living with one parent for a while, hearing what that parent tells the child, and then going back home to live with the other parent, hearing what that parent tells them. This can cause great confusion and can turn the child rebellious.

Environmental factors

There are many factors in the environment that affect the children’s behaviors. The kind of environment where the kids live greatly affects them. If the people around them are all rebellious kids, it is more likely that they will develop the manners that their peers portray because they want to belong to the world of their peers.

Drug Usage

This goes along with environmental factors can also cause a child to become rebellious. The parents tells the child do not smoke pot or do drugs. The child’s friends all start to smoke pot and in a rebellious moment, the child goes against what their parents tells them and starts to smoke pot. This causes the rebelliousness to continue and snowball in an effect.

This situation makes it hard for parents, because the parents then find themselves competing against their child’s friends. A child can become rebellious due to frustration trying to figure out who to listen to.

Other factors

Other factors are bullying, sibling rivalry, peer pressure, inferiority complex and other factors that affect their growth and development.

Children become rebellious only when they have reasons for being rebellious, otherwise they could be as good as the normal children we see around playing with their peers.


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