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White Bread

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Make a delicious, easy, single loaf of bread any afternoon. Not everyone wants to turn their kitchen into a bakery and produce volumes of baked goods. Sometimes, you just want a single loaf.

My son used to buy his lunch at the cafeteria, $2.50/day was a sweet deal for the variety, ease of sending him without a lunch box and I could load his lunch account without leaving my computer.  Middle school has ended all that, the threat of long lines and barely a moment to eat frightened all of them into taking their lunches the first couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, kiddo developed a taste for the homemade lunch and even though I try to go the Wonder Bread route to torture him into standing in line with a tray, I can't do it. I noticed that a half decent sandwich loaf cost over $2.00!  Are you kidding me?  Flour and water and yeast?  I would make a killing selling my bread for $2.00 a loaf!

I make this every couple of days, Sure, there's some time involved but the time is really not active time.  A few minutes combing ingredients then one bout of kneading and one of shaping and really, if you're at home anyway.  The other thing is that it's fresh, cheap and completely void of chemicals and additives.  Most recipes make two loaves, I make one, I can never time the freezing/thawing/eating thing and end up throwing out half eating, forgotten, stale loaves.  I'd rather mix every couple of days because I have the time.  OH and for those of you who think you don't have time because you work, nice try, make it at night, leave it on the counter with a towel over it and use it in the morning.

Single white bread loaf

Use your kitchenaid, it's easier. 


1 cup warm water

2 Tbs sugar (or honey)

2 1/4 tsp yeast

in the bowl of the mixer, mix it around (I just leave the dough hook on the whole time, why add work?) and leave it while you have a coffee, take the dog out or sit stand there and watch it.  When it foams 


2 Tbs vegetable oil

2 Tbs melted butter (I combine these in a ramekin and nuke 'em first actually)

2 1/2 cups a/p flour

1/2 Tbs salt

Mix gently until it's combined and then crank it and mix it on high until it's glossy and shiny and beautiful.  The sides of the bowl will be cleaned off completely, if not, keep a 1/2 cup of a/p handy to add a tablespoon at a time if you need.  The sides will be clean and the bottom will be slightly sticky, about an inch wide that looks stuck to the bottom of the bowl.

When it's all shiny and beautiful, remove it and knead it a few times on a lightly floured board and put it in a buttered bowl with a wet towel on it in an oven with the light on to rise to double. I turn my oven to 200 for 2 minutes, turn it off and leave the light on and that appears to make yeast happy in my house, you may need to play around with yours to see what makes everyone happiest.  Today, it took just shy of an hour.


Remove it from the bowl and knead it for a minute to knock out the air.  Roll it into a large rectangle the width of which equals the length of your loaf pan.  Roll it up, pinch the seam and the ends and put it in the buttered loaf pan.  Toss it back into the oven to rise to 1-2 inches over the pan, Today, mine also took about an hour. 


Preheat the oven (remove the risen dough) to 375 and bake the loaf for about 35-40 minutes, it'll be beautifully golden and sound hollow on the bottom.

Remove it from the pan immediately and leave it to cool, completely, on a rack.  I tend to go out, this isn't something you can stand near and not eat.

When it's completely cool, slice it, thick or thin and slather it with butter and slices of old English Cheddar.

Yes, you will make it again the next day.



Posted on Oct 12, 2011
Sharla Smith
Posted on Oct 6, 2010
tracy williams
Posted on Oct 6, 2010
Posted on Oct 6, 2010

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