Where to Keep Cosmetics in the Summer

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Where to keep cosmetics in the summer

Where do you usually keep your cosmetics? In the bathroom? On the table in the bedroom? Or in the kitchen in the refrigerator? We will tell you where and how to properly store your favorite tools.

Cosmetics may deteriorate much earlier date shown on the package, if you fail to comply with the conditions of storage.

So start with that will not buy cosmetic products in places not suited for storage and sale. Even the good cosmetics not stand the test of the summer heat.

All cosmetics contraindicated heat, humidity and sunlight.

The cream, according to experts, are best kept at a temperature +5 ... +25 ° C. At lower temperatures, it can harden, which is especially dangerous for liquid emulsion creams - they can crystallize water, leading to deterioration cream. At high temperatures, cream softened, which is not very good. So after buying the cream do not be lazy - read the packaging storage conditions.

Do not remove the cosmetic substance fingers. All available at these microorganisms immediately move into a jar. It is better to use a spatula or applicator.

HOW stored after opening

Faster all spoiled mascara. Keep after the autopsy, it can not more than six months. After this period it is wound bacteria that cause irritation.

Qualitative lipstick will serve you a maximum of 2 years, and then it's not even placed on the lips and dry them. Gamy lipstick can be identified by smell.

Eyeshadow, on consistency, are divided into dry and liquid. At first a longer shelf life: about three years. Liquid shadows have to be thrown through 1,5-2 years.

Tone means water-based year later will not go smoothly. Cream for Oily basis serve a little longer: up to 2 years.

The shelf tonics, creams and lotions are unique. If the tool is packaged in a vacuum flask, then it will not get the bacteria destroy the structure of the cream, which means that it will continue longer: about 5-12 months.

An unopened bottle of perfume, you can store up to 3 years, and printed - from 6 months to 1.5 years. At the same enemies of perfume, as in cosmetics: light, heat and humidity.

Name Shelf Storage Features
Lipstick 18 months best on the refrigerator at a temperature of up to +5 degrees
Mascara up to 6 months at room temperature, away from the batteries, lamps
Pencils 18 months at room temperature, away from light
Powder 24 months at room temperature
Tone Cream 12 months away from the light and humidity can be in the refrigerator
Means for skin care 6-12 months on the refrigerator

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Posted on May 2, 2011