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Where to Find Earlier Style Skechers

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Looking for an older style of Skechers that you really love, You might be surprised at how easy they are to find.

Do you remember those cute baby doll shoes that shoed up in the 70's?  Okay, so maybe not.  Many of us remember when our parents dressed us up having us where those fun shoes.  Well today of course the trend is still alive in finding that perfect shoe for even the simpilest outfit. 

We can admit it, there are a lot of great shoes that are coming out every year, however, what about the ones from the past twenty years or so, what ever happened to those designs?  Who knows, well, there are a few experts out there that do and they have ways for you to be able to purchase them. 

Did you know you can go directly to the Skechers website?  This is always a good place to start especially when you are looking for some of the older styles of shoes.  They can help direct you through the site to what you are looking for. 

Other companies that sell "retro" Skechers.  You can go onto E-Bay, Shoebuy.com, Amazon.com and Buy.com. 

One of the most popular "retro" Skechers seems to be the Nosegrind.  Prices run around $25 t0 $35 depending on where you choose to shop.  Don't forget if you are shopping on E-bay and find that ultimate pair of "retro" Skechers, you might have to bid for them.  This could hurt if you truly want those shoes bad.  One set of Nosegrind Skechers was up to over $200 for the bid.  If you are on a budget, this might not be the best way to go.

Another site that states that they carry "retro" Skechers is a site called Modcloth.com.  After investigating this site, sorry to say they didn't have any Skechers what so ever.  So if you did a search and their site came up.  Sorry, but, they are a little misleading.  Yes, it will get you to their site, but, you will probably also get frustrated and find that they don't have what you are looking for.  However, this site is a good site to look at when you are trying to find other "retro" or older shoes from a certain product line. It would be a good idea to send a message to their customer service department to find out if they get a list of new products coming in etc.  This will save you a little time the next time you are in search of a certain shoe product.

Other great places to check may be right in your own home town.  A few good places to check for "retro" shoes and not just Skechers are your second hand stores.  These retail shops get a lot of different products in on a daily basis.  The great thing, most are connected to a local charity that helps the homeless, sick, children, etc.  So make that dollar count and spend at the second hand stores when you can. 


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