Where Did They Go? The Cast of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew - Season One

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In 2008, VH1 and Dr. Drew Pinsky revealed a new reality show known as Celebrity Rehab. Filmed at the Pasadena Recovery Centre, Dr. Drew and his team would attempt to help a wide range of stars overcome their various addictions. The question is; where did

Seth Binzer

Seth, also known as Shifty Shellshock, was once the lead singer of Crazy Town (remember that "Butterfly" song?). He attended Dr. Drew's program to overcome his addiction to cocaine. At the end of the season, he transferred to the sober living facility but relapsed thus returning for season two. After the second season, Seth transferred over to the sober living facility for a second and what would be his last Sober House season.

In February of this year, Seth was arrested and charged with battery and possession (of cocaine) after a public, violent argument with his girlfriend. In April, just before he was due at a court hearing, Seth slipped into a coma during an ICU stay at a Los Angeles hospital but regained consciousness within a few days. His family soon began their case to have Seth sent for further rehabilitation rather than be jailed for his previous criminal offenses.

Daniel Baldwin

Daniel, second oldest of the famous Baldwin clan, entered the Pasadena Recovery Center to kick his own cocaine habit. He left after four episodes citing scheduling issues with upcoming acting projects. He also claimed the other rehab residents were getting in the way of his recovery. It turns out he and fellow CR cast-mate Mary Carey were exchanging inappropriate messages with one another. He has since appeared in projects including "Cold Case" and "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!"

Mary Carey

Mary, a former California Governor delegate and porn star, was recruited for her addiction to alcohol. After exchanging inappropriate messages with Daniel Baldwin causing his rehab departure, Carey continued her stint and agreed to transfer to Sober House with other cast members. Two years later, she relapsed, rejoined the pornographic industry and even starred in an adult film called "Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw". She soon battled with a Xanax addiction which she claims to have overcome and has reportedly stopped making adult films.

Jeff Conaway

Jeff, a well-known actor, had been addicted to alcohol, cocaine and various painkillers. He also confessed to being suicidal. After time at PRC, Jeff swore he was off the booze and the cocaine but was still abusing painkillers citing back pain related reasons. He entered Celebrity Rehab for a second time after surgeries increased his painkiller abuse. As the season came to an end, Jeff still hadn't kicked the addiction. He was hospitalized on May 11 2011 and remained in a coma as he was taken off life support two weeks later. He passed away the following day.

Jaimee Foxworth

Jaimee was a child actress with a marijuana issue. She had previously battled substance abuse and reportedly relapsed after leaving PRC but it has been said that she has sobered up since giving birth to a baby boy in May of 2009.

Joan Laurer

Joan, known to many as Chyna, was an alcoholic when she entered Celebrity Rehab but denied she was an addict. Months after leaving PRC, she was hospitalized after being found intoxicated with severe cuts on her arms. One year later, she was hospitalized again due to an overdose induced by sleeping medications. She has since been working as an adult film actress with Vivid Video. 

Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte, an actress and former model, was also trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol. Her rehabilitation was successful and she was able to give up cigarettes in the process. Except for speaking about sobriety, Brigitte has managed to stay out of mainstream spotlight. 

Ricco Rodriguez

Ricco, an MMA fighter and former UFC champ, was battling Valium, marijuana and cocaine upon entering PRC. He was successful in his rehabilitation and has continued to fight (physically and metaphorically speaking).

Jessica Sierra

Jessica, a vocalist who placed 10th on season 4 of American Idol, entered PRC after being arrested and charged with possession of cocaine. After the CR filming, she was arrested again for disorderly intoxication which violated her probation and she entered PRC again for 12 months as ordered by her sentencing. Such sentencing was reportedly agreed upon after testimony in court by Dr. Drew who Jessica now thanks for saving her life. Her main headlines other than arrests and rehab have involved her giving birth to a boy (and a sex tape!).

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