What You Should Know About 22k Gold Jewelry

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Even though 24 karat gold is purest, 22 karat is actually the preferred alloy when it comes to setting gemstones in jewelry. Read on to learn why jewelers prefer to use a lower grade of gold in their work, as well as the different colors gold can be given

All About 22k Gold

Do you or a loved one have an interest in gold jewelry? It's important to know the different grades of gold before purchasing any jewelry made out of it. This article will give you the basic run-down to the highest grade of gold used in jewelry, or 22 karat gold.

The Use Of 22k Gold

Do you know what the commonality between the American Eagle and South African Krugerrand coin is? They are minted from traditional 22k gold alloy, common for gold coins minted of Crown Gold from 1930, weighing one ounce. The interesting part is the favoring of 22k gold jewelry in manufacturing, as well as 22k gold in minting gold coins instead of pure 24k gold.

Why 22k Gold Is Best

22k gold alloy is harder, more durable, and more scratch resistant than 24k solid gold. The alloy contains 91.67% gold, 5% silver, 2% copper, and 1.33% zinc. This alloy makes 22k gold jewelry more preferable to 24k gold. In contrast, 24k solid gold is soft and bendable, making it easily breakable.

The Use Of Alloyed Gold

Alloyed gold is most popular in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and India where gold holds higher cultural importance. Even though 22k alloy is a soft metal, it is the most similar to solid gold in regards to its metal content. 22k gold jewelry is thus valuable because it is the closest to 24k gold, meaning it is a better investment than 18k or 14k gold jewelry.

The Different Colors Of Gold

The traditional appearance of gold is yellow, but in the same way that we mix gold with other materials to make it more durable, it is also made into special compounds in order to have different colors. Through the mixing of gold and certain chemicals, it can be worn in multiple colors, from rose, to purple, blue, or even black.

How Gold Is Colored

When it comes to coloring gold, one of two methods are usually used: patination, or inter-metallic compounds. Patination means that once the gold has been made, it is coated with a paint to give it its color. Inter-metallic compounds, however, mean that the gold is mixed with chemicals during its creation in order to give it a specific hue.

Buying 22k Gold Jewelry

Why do people choose to invest in 22k gold jewelry? Actually, 24k gold is the purest form of all. Owing to their extreme softness, elemental gold and 24k gold are not found suitable for holding jewels, and therefore, jewelers do not use them as they develop scratches and lose shape easily. Jewelers have always preferred 22k gold alloy for crafting jewelry, due to its toughness and strength.