What You Should Consider When Naming a Pawn Shop

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Naming a pawn shop is not easy. You have to consider various things in order for your business to stand out. Here are the things that you should consider when naming a pawn shop.

Visiting Oklahoma City, you will not fail to notice that there is a pawn shop in every street in the city with bold and blatant names such as Cash for Gold Oklahoma City, Sell Gold Oklahoma City and Gold Buyers Oklahoma City. Some shops have bizarre names and some names are so funny you really would not know if that establishment is a pawn shop or a shop selling sex toys.

Name is important in business. The more suitable your name is and the more intriguing or clever it is, the greater the possibility that other people will remember it. Name branding is one of the most essential aspects of running a business such as a pawnshop and that is why when you are planning to put up a pawn shop, coming up with a name for it can either make or break the business.  It is very common for pawnshop business owners to make mistakes when naming their business. However, it does not mean that you should do the same and just think of a name without considering several things. Below are the things that you should consider when trying to come up with a business name.

Not Getting Everyone Involved in Naming Your Pawnshop

Getting everyone involved such as your brothers, cousins, drinking buddies and even your spouse when trying to come up with a clever business name for your pawn shop can give you a lot of trouble. Why? Because you will end up with a dozen or so un-clever names that it would make your head spin just to choose which is which. Worst of all, your spouse, friend or relatives may feel bad when you do not choose the name that he/she proposed. The wise thing to do is to limit the number of people in your name committee and make sure to include creative people in it as members.

Think Better

Do not just come up with 2 words and then put them together to come up with a name for your pawn shop. Instead, dig deeper and think of something distinct, unique, easy to remember and intriguing name that also somewhat fitting for a pawnshop. One common mistake that other business owners make when naming their pawnshop business is changing the spelling of the words such as Quik instead of Quick. While this may be considered as a valid name, using misspelled words as your business name will make you sound unprofessional and worst of all, typical.

Think Unique

If you drive around the city and look at the pawn shop names, you will surely find out that the word “Pawn” is used as part of the store names. While it is logical to use the word “pawn”, it will not get you noticed and people would think that your establishment is just like one of the hundreds that exist in the city which is definitely bad for business. As a general rule, do not use simple and uncreative words, instead, think of something that would get the interest of people and make them visit your shop.

These are just some of the things that you should consider when trying to come up with a pawn shop name or any name for a business.

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James R. Coffey
Posted on Jan 31, 2012