What To Do With..... Left Over Easter Grass

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Other ways to use Easter Grass. Quick tips and ideas that will help recycle this material.

Easter Grass is a great way to decorate the Easter baskets that are prepared each year.  However, many people just tend to throw it out after the holiday.  This adds waste to the landfill and can be bad.  Why not find ways to reuse the grass rather than throwing it out.

First off, save the grass for the next Easter season.  This will save you from having to spend out more money.  If you are concerned about there being left over candy stuck to it or something, well, it can be cleaned. Simply take a collander and a large bowl, place the grass in the collander, put some dish soap on the grass and rinse it through the grass, the bowl will help you to catch any that might slip out through the holes.  Take the collander set in a dish dryer to dry out.  Place the grass in a bag to keep and you are done. 

Okay, so you like to change up the color each year to add variety to the Easter baskets.  That's okay too.  Let's review some ways to reuse the grass that you already have.

Brighten up a vase

Many of us have gone to using silk flowers to decorate our homes, however, the stems look a little bleak in the base of a clear vase.  Use left over Easter grass to hide the stems.  If you have a mix of different colors, then mix the colors together.  This will add additional color and use up the grass.

The fun gift bag

Gift bags are a great quick and easy way to wrap up a gift.  There are so many great things to stuff into the gift bags, if you noticed, there are also a mix of different "grasses" that can be stuffed into the bags. But, wait, don't buy new ones, use up the stuff you already have.  This will help to add a touch of color as well. 

Any Time Gift Basket

If you don't have enough to fill up a basket for a gift, then add some lift to the basket. 

1) Place some crumpled up news paper in the bottom of the basket. 

2) Use double sided tape in diffrent areas of the paper.

3) Cover with the Easter grass

4) Arrange the different gift items into the grass.

5) Use some clear wrap to tie up everything, add a little ribbon and you are done.

Beading String

The plastic that is used for the Easter Grass is strong enough to use in making small bracelets for little kids. 

But, remember it will still break, you will need to experiment with the grass to make sure it will be strong enough.  It is a good idea that you give the bracelet to an older child.  The younger ones could choke on the beads should the bracelets break. 

You can also just use it for a stringing game for the kids.  Set up a container with wood beads or others that have large holes in them, tie a knot in one end of the grass.  Then let the children simply string beads onto the grass and then let them take the beads back off again. 

There are so many items on the market that we need to make sure that we try and keep some of it out of the landfill to help save the environment for the future and for our children.