What Sex Buttons to Press to Turn On a Woman

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Not sure what turns that woman on? This article gives you tips on how you can find out.

Many a guy believes that the key to foreplay is the kissing—sucking of a female’s nipples, or the nibbling on a female’s ears, or the stimulating of a female’s clitoris, after which a female would be crazy aroused and begging to be taken. It is not such an across-the-board thing. The very popular saying, different strokes for different folks, applies to this subject. Every woman is not the same and may not respond to stock foreplay stimulation. How, then, can a man be sure of what button/buttons to press during foreplay—especially with a new sex partner? There are two ways a man can find out what turns a woman on sexually: He can either feel around—stumble around in the dark until he hits upon the appropriate button/buttons; or he can come right out and ask. Both methods work, but a lot depends on the kind of woman you end in bed with.

The stumbling around in the dark technique:

Some women are shy and would prefer you feel your way around until you hit the spot. Granted, it’s the long way, but if you’re observant you’ll know—by dint of her reaction to different things you’re trying—that you’ve arrived. Keep an eye on how she reacts to everything you do; it might tell you when you’ve found her button/buttons. If, for example, you’re sucking her left breast and she takes your head and deposits on her right breast, you know that one of her sweet buttons is her right breast. But if you try something and she says no, then jettison whatever it is in any future liaisons. This method is all about trial and error. It can be sweet for both of you, however. And bit by bit you’ll have a catalog of all of her ‘turn-on’ buttons, and the two of you’ll be good.

The coming-right-out-and-asking technique:

Do just that. Ask: “What turns you on?” If you happen to be with a woman who can be as direct as you are, she’ll tell you. Granted, it can be seen as the lazy approach. In your defense, though, you might say you’re a busy guy who likes to cut to the chase. Consider yourself lucky if by chance your partner is also the cut-to-the-chase type.

You may be wondering which of the techniques to apply when next you get lucky. Try the second first. If your partner won’t say, then you’ll have no other alternative to apply the second. In the end, hopefully, you would be good.