What Not to Do During First Trimester of Pregnancy

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Congratulations! Your dream of becoming a Mom has finally come true. And now I believe you are a bit scared about how to cope with your first trimester? Not knowing what to do and what not to do? Well every woman becomes anxious and is a bit frightened during her first pregnancy. My suggestion is to stop worrying, just be confident and positive about everything as help is at hand.

The first trimester is one of the most important and critical time of your pregnancy. During this stage the first time mom tends to experience some extreme physical changes and immense hormonal changes which are very puzzling and scary.

The important thing to remember is that almost most of these changes are perfectly normal. In this stage the fetus is formed. The brain, and other organs start to develop and is rightly regarded as the most confusing and baffling time for the first time moms.

You will experience plenty of profound changes during this period, and you need to take special care of yourself as the most rapid rate of growth and development takes place during this stage of pregnancy. Read on to learn what not to do during your first trimester.

Say NO to Junk Food! The first trimester is very crucial and you need to eat extra nutrients for your growing fetus. So say no to all the junk food completely as it only fills your stomach but does not provide you with essential nutrients required at this stage. Choose a diet which is high in protein, fiber-rich carbohydrates, iron and calcium.

Say NO to Smoking and Alcohol!

Smoking leads to miscarriage and premature birth so stop smoking immediately for good health of your child and try your best not to even indulge in passive smoking as it causes the same dangers. Smoking and passive smoking should be avoided at all cost during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol can cause detrimental affects on an unborn child. Alcohol causes a huge negative effect on the developing baby. Alcohol consumption can lead to severe retardation and other abnormalities like facial malformations, central nervous system dysfunction, various organ systems malfunctions.

Say NO to Activities involving the risk of falling!

Completely avoid activities that put you at a risk for falling or increase the chances of trauma to your abdomen. Amusement park rides are a complete no for a pregnant woman, since a forceful landing or sudden start or stop can harm your baby. Stay off of roller coasters and don't ever plan to go skydiving or bungee jumping, right. Do not indulge in any activity where you think you can loose your balance and fall. A woman is most likely to have a miscarriage during the first trimester, therefore take all the possible steps to prevent a mishap.

Say NO to Hectic schedules!

In the first trimester choose trips which are full of relaxation rather than which involve lots of sightseeing through out the day. Stay stress free, and try to be relaxed during the day. Stop setting hectic schedules for yourself. Alternatively, try to indulge in leisure activities. Try to be happy and take out time to take small naps during the day whenever possible. Avoid exerting yourself too much simply rest whenever you can. 

Say NO to Vigorous Sports!

Sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, skiing, gymnastics and riding should be stopped as there is a great danger of falling which may lead to trauma to your abdomen. Vigorous jogging that's puts pressure on your back and joints should also be avoided. Simply stop being super sportive while you are pregnant. Alternatively go for walks and do exercises specially recommended by your Doctor.

Say NO to Lifting, Tugging and Pulling Heavy objects!

You should not try to move heavy furniture at home no matter what. Take special care at home and at work. Ask people to help you as lifting or moving heavy stuff is not at all good for you and your baby. Remember not to lift heavy objects especially in the first trimester and also through out the pregnancy. Lifting, tugging, and pulling are extremely strenuous activities for a woman in her first trimester, therefore should be completely avoided.

Say NO to Everything which is Hot!

Raising you body temperature during earl pregnancy can increases the chances of birth defects so say no to Saunas, Jacuzzis and Steam baths. Stop with Hot tubs and very hot baths as they have a tendency to raise your body temperature. Avoid eating foods that generate heat in the body. Stop using electric blankets for heat, as they give off low-level electromagnetic fields which can be very harmful for a developing baby.

Say NO to the Exposure of Pesticides and household cleaning products! Pesticides can affect your unborn baby immensely. It is best to avoid exposure to all pesticides and other toxic products. Try to avoid the fumes from the fresh paint, Paint Thinner and other household cleaning products.

Say NO to Cleaning Cat Litter and avoid Uncooked Meat! Cat litter and undercooked meat are a great risk of toxoplasmosis, which leads to birth defects. For safety, when pregnant simply get rid of your cat by sending it off to another home. Take car of yourself and do not eat undercooked meat at all.

Say NO to Prescription drugs!

You should not take Prescription Drugs or over the Counter drugs including Aspirin, unless told by your Doctor. Medicines can cause devastating effects on the fetus, when you are pregnant. Discuss the use of any drugs you are currently taking, when you are pregnant. It is normally recommended not to take any medicines during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy when the heart, lung, and brain are being formed.

Remember to get the recommended daily allowance of Folic Acid especially in the beginning of the pregnancy as it reduces the risk of having a baby born with a defect of their spinal cord. It also reduces the risk of having a baby born with a cleft lip and palate. Folic acid also helps to avoid premature labor.

Hope these tips will guide you to a safe and a healthy pregnancy. All the best to the new mom, as it is the time to act mature in this special time of excitement and worries. Be Brave, and confident and enjoy your pregnancy!


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