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What is the Law of Attraction?

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What is the Law of Attraction and how does it work? This will explain the Law of Attraction and help you use it to benefit your life.

You may have heard a lot of talk lately about the Law of Attraction.  Many people are embracing the concept of the law, and you may still be asking, "What is the Law of Attraction?"

The Law of Attraction is, according to many philosophers, a universal law.  It is based on the fact that everything, at a molecular level, is made of energy, and that thoughts and emotions put out waves of energy that can affect the energy that makes up matter.  The law states that positive will attract positive, and negative will attract negative.  The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that your thoughts will affect the experiences and objects that are drawn into your life.  For example, if you find a "lucky penny" then you may be subconsciously expecting something good to happen to you.  These positive expectation, according to the law, attract positive things.  The same would be true of negative expectations. If something undesirable happens early in the day, it can make you upset and you'll dwell on negative thoughts.  Those negative thoughts would then attract more negative.  This may explain why some days it seems like everything goes wrong, or why some days seem to go particularly well.

According to the law, you can attract anything you want by focusing your energy and thoughts on it.  It is not limited to material things... you can attract experiences, good health, even love.  The key to attracting what you want is to know and believe that the universe is infinitely abundant and has what you need available for your life, and expect it without giving a doubt to the means it may come your way.

To avoid negative in your life, you must avoid negative thoughts.  If you are thinking about how much you would not want something to happen, your thoughts and energy are being focused on negative.  Instead, focus on what you DO want.  Even focusing on other people's negative experiences can have negative results for you since your emotions and thoughts are negative.  Because of this, many people avoid watching the news or reading newspapers.

A controversial theory is that everyone is responsible for the experiences that happen in his or her life.  So, for instance, lottery winners attract their fortune and starving children attract their unfortunate situation.  That topic continues to be debated.

You can practice the Law of Attraction right now.  Think of something you want in your life and take time daily to focus energy and emotion on the object (or experience, etc).  Imagine how it feels to have it in your life.  Another way to practice the Law of Attraction is to keep a gratitude journal.  This can help you focus your thoughts and energy on positive things in your life so that you can attract more positive things.  It can also help you see how many positive things you have attracted into your life so far, without even realizing it!


Posted on Aug 15, 2011
Posted on Dec 21, 2010

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