What is the Ideal Age for Kids to Start School?

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It is never too early for kids to start school. Today is a modern time so educating a child needs to start early.

Once the child is born you can start his education. Some mothers even start educating their children when they are still in their womb. They read a lot of books loudly because the child inside could already conceive and perceive messages from the mother. Studies show that children of educated mothers have more chances to have higher IQ than those children of uneducated mothers.

As a teacher, I believe that educating a child is never too early. Once the child is born, the mother could read books to him, play music for him to hear and recite nursery rhymes too. What the child hears and sees in his environment is very important. It is a very big contributing factor to the child's growth and development. The earlier the child starts being educated, the better. The misconception of some mothers that children who start their education too early are more likely to get tired and bored studying at an early age is proven wrong. Children who start early in school have more to learn than those who go to school later.

In the olden times when most parents are still unaware of a child's proper way of education, some mothers often ask if their child is ready for school. They think a two years old child is still too innocent to go to school. But nowadays, children who start school at five are already late. Some schools now are offering education for infants and toddlers. Children are taught reading as early as three years old. And in my experience, most children can read fluently at the age of four and five.

As a mother, you could always start with pictures and objects to show your child. Children have the same stages of development, although there are children who have slower development than the others. Individual differences must be considered when teaching a child as one might be rushing the child into a stage where he is not ready yet. Try taking the child's lesson one at a time and avoid rushing him. It would not be doing him any good but harming him. You could always see if the child is ready to learn what you are teaching when he shows interest and participation in what you are doing.

Educating a child is a two way process. Consider the child's part when teaching him. Better education comes from the participation of the child in the activities. Let the child learn by doing. Small children tend to follow what adults do and a child starts his education at home. A home then should provide for the basic education that the child needs before going into his formal education in school. That is teaching him the values in life at an early stage.

Parents must bear in mind that education starts even when the child is in his mother's womb. And once the child is born, the more things he is going to absorb from his environment. It is up for the parents to provide the best education that the child needs, for it is never too early to begin the child's education.


Pearl Wilson
Posted on Jul 28, 2011
Muzammil Irshad
Posted on Jul 27, 2011