What is the Empathic Link

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Empaths are a very unique set of practice healers in this world, for those of you just finding out that you have the ability to become a practice Empath, it is important to understand what abilities you have and how they and why they work.

The Empathic Link is a very important ability in an Empaths mirage of bag of tricks to heal another life. In a sense, it is just as effective as a doctors CT Scan, or Xray. It helps to not only feel the connection of emotional though energy, but it also gives us the unique ability to feel what parts of the physical and ethereal body are in need of healing.

As it is the Empaths natural inclination to heal, it only makes sense that we are endowed with a natural ability to see past the blocks in the conscious mind. It is because of the Link that we often find ourselves upsetting those who need to be healed, with the surprise of knowing which physical, mental or spiritual ailment they are in need of being healed from. I find it all to common that when you suggest to a person, that their physical ailments might be healed by solving their emotional and conscious blocks first, they often feel offended, not because it could not be true, but because of their surprise in being confronted about it so directly.

To keep things simple, and Linking ability is simply the ethereal connection from the Empath to the "Caller", or the person in need of being healed. Generally it is not seen by the untrained eye, but it is easily felt. To make it easier, many can see it better with their minds eye as a golden link coming from the Solar Plexus Chakra in the Empath going to the same Chakra in the "caller". This is an important connection to understand, especially in it's relation to the chakra it originates from.

The Solar Plexus is one of our Ethereal Organs that sits on our spine just behind the navel (belly button). It is golden yellow when in healthy status. It is in control of our Physical Dysfunctions or proper functions, especially; digestive problems, pancreatic problems, adrenal (hormone) imbalances, blood sugar dysfunctions, etc..

The Solar Plexus is also connected to many of our Emotional Ailments, such as; Our Self Image, our place in the world, secrets, fear, self criticism, past emotional traumas and other internal information that people store. The Solar Plexus is also responsible for the information about our Personality, conscious awareness of self, our sense of belonging and our 'knowing'. The Solar Plexus, when in good health, is responsible for our feeling of belonging in the world and it explains why a person who has been linked to an Empath, generally feels a sense of welcome and comfort.

Not at all ironically, the Solar Plexus is directly connected to the Sacral Chakra below the Solar Plexus and it connects it to the comfort sensors of the body. The Sacral Chakra is in charge of our manifesting ability which connects to our ability to Self Heal. At the heart of the Sacral Chakras responsibilities we find it connected to the emotions: Blame, Guilt, Creativity, Lust, Control, Morality, etc...

So, when the Link is up, an Empath can better sense and read the physical, emotional and ethereal ailments in the "callers" body. This is a unique ability that is very useful in the Empaths innate ability to heal those who call upon them. The job could be done without it, but it makes thing much easier. With this ability, there is little reason for a person to hide from an Empath in any way, as it does very little good. Even if you can convince the consciousness of the Empath momentarily, they are not likely to trust that feeling.

Also, it is important to understand that the Link is very real, and not only does it focus as a sort of scanner but it is very much literally a link between the Empath and the Caller. This means that energy can and does pass between the two, which is an important aspect to be aware of, especially since it leaves both the Empath and the Caller in a position of giving and taking each others energies. Because of this, is it extremely important for the Empath to be aware of their ability to Link and Unlink, so that they may keep themselves and their callers from being harmed.

Look out for other factoidz covering how to open a link and how to close a link with a caller, as well as symptoms of a link left open.

~Balance to you All~



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