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What is Black Pepper and Its Health Benefits

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Black pepper is a seasoning that can help promote a healthy digestive tract naturally. However, in large amounts black pepper can be harmful.

Some people believe black pepper contains no nutrients in it at all, but this is not truth. Black pepper does in fact contain some nutrients in it that are beneficial to our health. In addition to black pepper being excellent for us, it is also tasty sprinkled on food dishes, baked in spices cakes and warming in herbal teas.

What is Black Pepper

Black pepper comes from white flowering woody vines that contain small berries on them called peppercorns. The peppercorns are harvested and dried to make ground black pepper. Sometimes the peppercorns are used whole in stews, soups, teas and on meats to help add flavor and nutrients. This tasty seasoning is native to Indian and is massively produced in Vietnam. However, it does grow in warm tropical climates all over the world such as Thailand and Malaysia.

Where Can You Get Black Pepper

These days black pepper is widely used all over the world so you can easily find it in food street markets, grocery stores, herbal stores and kitchen stores. The two forms you can get black pepper in are whole peppercorns or ground black pepper. I personally find the whole peppercorns contain more potent nutrients in them than and enjoy grinding them myself to really help get the fresh taste of black pepper into my food dishes and herbal teas.

Nutrients in Black Pepper

The nutrients in black pepper are what help keep our digestive tract and nervous system healthy and strong. Those potent nutrients are the essential oil that contains limonene, sabinene, pinene, linalool and phellandrene, warming properties, manganese, iron, fiber, vitamin K, diaphoretic properties, carminitive substance, antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

If you are looking for a natural way to help promote a healthy digestive tract adding black pepper to meals and teas can help increase the hydrochloric acid secretions in the digestive tract which is needed to help digest meats and other proteins properly. Black pepper also helps keep the waste and toxins moving from the body naturally so you do not become constipated or full of gas. Those of you looking for away to loose weight naturally drinking black pepper tea can help because it will help give you plenty of energy to help burn tons of fat cells in the body. The essential oil that comes from consuming black pepper can also help improve the circulation in the body as well as the nervous system.

Harmful Side Effects of Black Pepper

Consuming large amounts of black pepper can get into the lungs and cause respiratory problems that could lead to death.  Black pepper should never be applied to skin because it will cause redness, irritations and sometimes burns. Pregnant women should not consume black pepper in large amounts either because it has been known to cause miscarriages. Other than all the things just mentioned, black pepper is relatively safe when sprinkled onto foods, or used in small amounts per day to seasoning baked goods and herbal teas. 


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