What Did Michael Jackson Do To Make His Skin White?

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Michael Jackson had a skin condition known as Vitiligo, or hypo-pigmentation, and he really did have to do something to change the color of his skin, because it was all blotchy. He had patches of black skin, and patches of white skin, and so he managed to

Michael Jackson had a rare skin condition known as hypo-pigmentation, which is the discoloration or de-pigmentation of the skin in random patches all over his body. 

In many photos you can see that it was quite a serious condition, at least in terms of the way it looked without makeup or cosmetic treatment. 

He apparently used a prescription cream with hydroquinone in it, which is a powerful bleaching substance which can have nasty side effects over time. 

In this photo, you can see the white patches on his face, even after years of treatment from the hydroquinone containing cream. 

How To Make Your Skin White Naturally

There are many different methods of approaching whitening your skin in a natural and safe way, but you should always consult with your doctor about any treatment you decide to use. 

Some say that lemon juice, and other food or household items can be effective in changing the skin tone to a noticable degree, but usually, these things don't have a very profound effect in skin lightening. 

I would suggest that you take a look at a few medical sites or there's some good stuff on Wikipedia as well, but do your research thoroughly, because even doctors can make mistakes sometimes, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, here's another article that explains how to make skin white in a natural and safe way. For more skin whitening tips, check out some of the links in the article, and remember to always ask for a second opinion when undergoing any cosmetic or surgical procedure. 

The natural stuff can be fine, but there are some dangerous products on the market that contain highly toxic substances which aren't safe for use on the skin, like mercury, or actual bleach, which isn't good. 

If you want to find a high quality product, just do a Google search on the active ingredient that it contains, make sure that the company has been around for a few years, do a search for the company name followed by scam, problems, side effects, etc. 

If you do your homework, you will surely find a good skin whitening product that is safe and effective, and that doesn't have any harsh side effects. As for Michael Jackson, he was probably never going to be completely happy with the way he looked, whether he had black or white skin. 


diana ade
Posted on Apr 18, 2015
diana ade
Posted on Apr 18, 2015