What Are The Safest Illegal Drugs?

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What are the safest illegal drugs? When you compare one drug to another based on negative side effects, which one is best?

This is a reasonable question to ask: what are the safest illegal drugs? It's a little bit like asking what are the healthiest cigarettes, but that's a valid question too, I guess. 

The problem with getting the data for this article on what the safest illegal drugs are, is that number one, I couldn't be bothered, and number two, no drug is safe, it just depends on how much of it you take. 

I recently wrote an article called: how bad is alcohol really? and that explains in great detail how legal drugs: alcohol, then cigarettes, then prescription medication, are the largest cause of death in the world, (not so much the last one).

I've heard people say that marijuana cures cancer, and that it's never killed anyone, they even say marijuana saves people's lives, and has good medical uses, but based on what, the internet? As far as I remember, Bob Marley died of throat cancer, even after he lived through getting shot.

The truth is that illegal drugs don't kill many people, or at least you couldn't prove it in a court of law. What often happens is a person drinks for much of the time because alcohol is cheap and easily available, and then they may take other substances on top of that.

This is a lethal combination, no matter what the combination is, and no matter whether it kills you quickly from an overdose, or slowly from cancer, heart disease, or liver failure.

There is the question of freedom. Whether somebody should be sent to jail for making mistakes with their own life, and I can understand that.

The police in my town give you three warnings for marijuana possesion, and only one for any other drug. Then you may end up going to jail for a little while, or doing community service.

Is there a point to these laws? Yes, they give police powers to prosecute criminals on multiple charges, and to get them on a first offence so they can send them to jail for longer if they end up assualting or killing someone while suffering a bad speed come-down.

To the average person, it serves to deter them from using a lot of drugs, and it keeps the price high enough that it doesn't become as much of a problem to society as alcohol.

So What Are The Safest Illegal Drugs?

If I had to give an answer, (which I don't), I would say marijuana, then maybe ecstacy, then I have no idea. Prescription drugs can be safe when taken in a controlled dose as prescribed by a doctor. 

If you start to mix one substance with another, or don't know how much of it to take, then you are pretty much playing Russian roulette, but then, you are anyway, with any drug at all. 

It depends if you're talking about the safest drug for your mind, or the one that is least likely to kill you, cause you health problems, or get you arrested. 

LSD is very unlikely to kill you, but it could send you to the funny farm. Speed isn't going to drive you crazy immediately in small doses, but it is very addictive, and there are harder versions like crystal meth and ice that will. 

Heroin probably won't drive you crazy at all, but you will seem like you're crazy when you're coming down, and need another fix, and if you manage to steal enough money, you can overdose and die. 

I don't even know why I'm writing this article, I just had to write about something, and I thought that someone in the world would be searching for the keyword phrase: what are the safest illegal drugs?