What are the Benefits of Wearing Alpaca Socks?

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What is a good sock for a person who has diabetes? What is a good type of sock for a person who suffers from arthritis? What is so special about alpaca fiber in socks? Are alpaca socks good socks? What are some of the benefits of wearing socks made fr

There are many fibers that socks can be made out of and one of those fibers is that of the alpaca. Alpacas are smaller, and most people would say they are cuter looking, than llamas and are a not-so-distant relative of the camel. Alpacas are from South America but are not popular in other parts of the world where they are kept for the purpose of collecting their fiber.

Alpaca fibers are especially good for making warm socks for winter but they also are great for making cozy summer socks and athletic socks too.

Diabetics know how important it is to find a good pair of socks, and socks using alpaca fibers are sometimes made especially for diabetics. In fact Warrior Alpaca Socks makes some socks especially for sufferers of diabetes. Their Therapeutic Terry Lined socks are doctor approved and said to improve circulation for diabetics. They are made from the soft fibers of baby alpacas (crias). Finding good socks is very important for people who suffer from diabetes as if their circulation is cut off they could suffer from gangrene.

People who suffer from arthritis may also find alpaca socks beneficial to helping relieve the aches and pains in their feet. The socks provide warmth but are not so tight that they reduce circulation. When circulation is reduced in the foot the arthritis sufferer feels more aches and pains.

Alpaca socks are machine washable and do not require special care. They are ideal for people who are allergic to wool (from sheep). Products made from alpaca fiber are long lasting, in fact a well made pair of alpca socks will last for many years. Alpaca fiber is often said to be stronger and more long lasting than most wools.

Alpacas live in a region that has cold winters and warm summers, their fibers naturally repel snow, water, and the cold, but also act to draw moisture away from the body (or as a sock to draw moisture away from the foot). The warmth is provided because of the microscopic air pockets within the alpca fibers.

If you are a consumer looking for good quality alpaca socks you will want to check Warrior Alpaca Socks. They are located in California and ship throughout the USA, and will ship internationally if requested.

Warrior Alpaca Socks has socks for men, women, and children. They have two brands, their own Warrior Alpaca socks and Inca Fashions Socks. Their Inca Fashions Socks line includes a 100% alpaca reversible sock that is great for wearing indoors as an alternative to wearing slippers, or in bed.