WebEngage vs Mixpanel vs CleverTap vs UserVoice: Marketing and Customer Data Services

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WebEngage isn’t particularly well-suited for beginners, but it does have strong automation features. MixPanel works well for those who want to market to mobile specifically. CleverTap is more of a hybrid service that works better for those who want to t

It’s not easy to do all of the marketing required for your businesses yourself these days. There’s so much information and so many competitors out there that, left to your own devices, you’re often going to be left in the dust and languish in obscurity if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, there are some services that you can make use of online that can help you with marketing so you can focus more on running your business. Here are some examples including what’s most useful abut each of them.



WebEngage is fairly popular with more than 38,000 businesses using it. Reviewers appreciate the customization features, though, this can be an issue in terms of usability because of the added controls, as is often the case.


  • Free Trial-You can sign up for a free trial and demo right from the main page.This will largely consist of taking a look at your marketing strategy and helping you with figuring out what the service could do in your particular case.
  • Live Chat Options-This is also available right from the main page in the black box, and when they aren’t around, you can provide a number of details to them about your email, phone, name and anything else you want help with as a quick way of contacting them via email.
  • Custom Options-There are many options through the service for customization including being able to create custom fields and categories, custom tabs, styling, targeting rules, data and reporting options, segmentation and more.



Mixpanel is well known for their data features such as for their funnel or their other analytics options.


  • Funnel for Stoploss-If you want to figure out why you’re losing customers, the funnel feature can be a big help.You can set up different flows and monitor the data regarding each of them. This includes as many different events as you want, for example.
  • Push and Email Notifications-You can make it so that customers will get push or email notifications to alert them to deals that you run such as sales or other events. This can also be set to work inside an app they download as well.
  • Retention Tools-in addition to figuring out why customers are leaving, it’s also useful to focus your customer service and marketing efforts on keeping them around. One way that you can do this is with retention tools including various forms of feedback. For example, mobile surveys are one easy way to do this since there are so many people who use mobile devices these days.



CleverTap focuses both on mobile and on desktop approaches to analyszing and making use of marketing data.


  • App Trends-You can watch how your app is used by your visitors over long periods of time in order to figure out how best to market to them.
  • Device Crossover Capability-Another useful aspect of this particular tool is how you can watch users start on a desktop, switch to a mobile phone, and then switch to a tablet again while monitoring your site.
  • Data on Uninstalls-Another option is monitoring when your users uninstall your apps, and under what particular circumstances. Tracking this over time could yield important insights into how your customers think.



UserVoice is often going to be an effective choice for beginners due to the fact that it’s easy to use by many accounts, and the setup is simple, but at the same time, it has plenty of the features that you can find elsewhere, such as full documentation and email ticket support.The service is used by Salesforce, Yahoo, Intuit and others.


  • Ticket System-The service allows you to set up a ticket system to help ensure positive customer interaction with your marketing and other strategies through prompt customer service support.
  • Quick Setup-The consensus from reviews is overwhelmingly that the service is easy to set up quickly without a lot of need for fine-tuning.
  • Free Trial-You can try out the service without worrying about an extra cost, right from the main page. The features in the trial are compareable with what you get with a subscription, and they emphasize options like making it easier to manage larger management teams for products.

Head to Head


WebEngage has a self-service portal to make it easy for you to handle marketing on your own. You can do real-time comparisons of your marketing strategies, and there’s an option for keeping tabs on alerts escalation as well. It’s also worth mentioning that the service is free to use until you get up to 10,000 monthly active users, so if your needs are relatively low, this could definitely be the option for you.Other features also include Multi-channel engagement, a journey designer, the ability to create enhanced user profiles, and even some cross-device segmentation. In general, the service is fairly new and is used often to allow for user suggestions and feedback so that you can focus on your marketing strategy.

Mixpanel has the advantage of allowing for a wide number of data analysis tools. For example, they are especially focused on mobile tools like their mobile survey options. This means that if mobile is your thing, this option could be one of the best for you in terms of helping out your marketing and CRM game. The service also makes it so that you can have your customers get push or email notifications. It’s a principle of many marketing techniques that it’s important to stay in touch with your customers in order to make sure you retain their business. This service makes that task easier.

CleverTap makes it so that you can watch what users are doing across a huge number of different mediums and in a number of different ways. For example, the device crossover feature makes it so that you can trace users switching devices will still using your app, site or service. This could teach you their habits, which could help inform your strategy for marketing to them, including retention and other efforts. The service also affords you the ability to measure when your users come back and at what pace, as well as how they tend to use apps. SO, for example, if your users have a tendency to use desktop at a certain time in th e afternoon on weekends, and then switch to mobile at the same times later on, you may be able to discern that they are watching a big football game at their computer and then going somewhere with a mobile device during breaks. You could incorporate this into how you market to them.

Uservoice works fairly well for both large corporations and smaller businesses, according to their feature set. This is because the reviews indicate it’s easy to set up, yet there are plenty of options that work well for large corporations, such as the focus on reducing noise by letting admins get right to information needed with a smooth interface.

Overall, it’s worth noting that both CleverTap and Mixpanel have an emphasis on funnels for finding where customers leave your site in order to correct this issue. It also appears that both CleverTap and Mixpanel have similar feature emphasis options for other things too, such as their retention cohorts and device crossovers. CleverTap and Mixpanel also both have options for push nmpotifications, email messaging, and in-app notifications.


Webengage is free to use if your business is small enough. This is measured through monthly active users, and the threshold is 10,000 per month. If you want to go beyond that, then you have to contact them to get more specific details about pricing.

Mixpanel also has a free option that has a limit of 20m data points per month. You also have limits for 60 days on data history and only so many core reports.The people plan version is 1000 profiles per month. So, it appears that you get more from WebEngage. The “Startup” plan here is $99 per month with 1m data points. You get full core reports, a 12 month data history, and predictive analytics.

CleverTap has a free Starter option that is usable for up to 10 million monthly events. After that, it’s $1500 for anything above 10 million. You get other extras with this like CSV reports, prioritized email support, reports about email from your dashboard and other stuff. Generally, you probably won’t need to spend this kind of money unless you’re really running a huge business. A total of more than 10 million monthly events is a significant amount. Small businesses and individuals will likely find the free plan to be plenty.

Uservoice is middle of the road when it comes to price, charging $20 per month or so for the basic features that you get. This could obviously change based on the particular situation you’re in and the particular deal that the company is offering.

Overall, pricing plans have similarities between companies such as the fact that WebEgnage and Mixpanel both have free options. One notable difference about CleverTap is that you get an unlimited number of Monthly Active Users, unlike with Webengage where you get only 10,000. This means that you should pay attention to whether you have more monthly events in a month or whether you have more total number of users. This could inform which free service would work the best for you.It’s the difference between having a smaller number of dedicated visitors and users that engage in a lot of activity on your app or site, as opposed to a much larger number of people visiting your site in general, although they may do less when they’re there.


WebEngage has strong reviews from Featured Customers with a 4.2 out of 4 with more than 40 votes.There’s also some positive reviews from G2 Crowd as well, which say that they particularly like how customizable the service is. Downsides include that the tool doesn’t appear to be for beginners since the interface can be hard to use. Find deals for WebEngage at Retailmenot and Promocodewatch.

Mixpanel is festooned with positive reviews such as a perfect score from Slant with more than a dozen votes, a 4.5 out of 5 from Get App, a 7.4 out of 10 from Trust Radius and a few other positive reviews besides. Positive reviews from reviews included that they liked how you had advanced segmentation, the special funnel analysis and cohort analysis options, and the ability to create profiles for individual users. Negative reviews focused on the issues with visualization and how notification options were a bit limited in the sense that they only worked through the people property.

CleverTap doesn’t have an overabundance of reviews online, but there are positive reviews at a 4.2 average from Featured Customers. SafeDK also gives CleverTap a strong positive rating at 4 out of 5.

UserVoice is arguably the best reviewed service of the bunch. It has reviews of 4 out of 5 or higher from G2 Crowd, Get App and Software Advice, with a solid number of reviews on each. Capterra and Trust Radius give it positive reviews as well. Positive reviews include that the documentation portal is highly useful for beginners and others, and that setup and usage is intuitive and straight forward. People also appreciate the generic email address that you get. The negative reviews focus on how the reporting system can be hard to use, and getting support going can be difficult.

Overall, Uservoice looks favorable in terms of reviews in comparison to the other options out there. There’s a lot of emphasis on usability and smooth operation in these reviews, and Uservoice is positively reviewed based on that topic specifically among many different sources. Clevertap is a bit of an unknown because it’s both newer and not reviewed very much in general. Mixpanel and Webengage have mixed reviews based on their downsides involving difficulty of use and restrictions and limitations on visualization data.Generally, the reviews definitely seem to indicate that Uservoice is the option for you if you’re a bit new to this, regardless of whether you’re a small business or managing for a much larger one.