WeatherTech vs Husky vs Max Liner: Which is the Best Car Floor Mat?

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Both WeatherTech and Husky automotive products are made in the USA. WeatherTech has the most products for cars, trucks and SUV, plus they sell indoor and outdoor floor mats for the home and business. Husky has a good supply of car and truck mats, toolboxe


WeatherTech is located in Bolingbrook, Illinois and manufactures many types of interior and exterior protection products for cars, trucks and SUVs. All of their products are precision made in the USA.

WeatherTech Products

WeatherTech makes and sells a large selection of products for all types of vehicles including:

  • Interior protection: Floor liners, all weather floor mats, cargo/trunk liners for cars, trucks and SUVs, fit to trim floor mats, side window deflectors, window sun shades, pet barriers, seat covers.
  • Exterior protection: Bed and tailgate protection, truck bed liner, stone and bug deflectors, custom fit car covers, headlight protection, mud flaps, license plate frames and roll up truck bed cover.
  • Vehicle care: Vehicle detail and cleaning supplies, soaker, water blade and battery chargers.
  • Accessories: Rooftop cargo carrier, Techfloor flooring for homes and business and more.
  • Home and business products: Outdoor and indoor mats for home and business and mats for dirty shoes and boots.
  • Pet accessories: Pet barrier to keep your pets safe, foldable pet ramps and seat covers.

WeatherTech Laser Fit Floor Liner

In addition to all of their fine products, they are best known for their laser measured fit floor liners. WeatherTech makes it easy to find the perfect floor liner for your vehicle. To get the perfect laser fit floor liner, all customers have to do is select your vehicle and enter in the following information:

  • Make
  • Year
  • Model
  • Body style

After your vehicle information is entered in, you will be able to choose both front and back seat or just one row and the color, either black or tan.

WeatherTech even has products for old classic cars including an Edsel, so if you have a classic car, their products will fit.

WeatherTech Customer Service and Policies

WeatherTech customer service is easy to get to and they offer different ways to contact their customer service including email and telephone.

They ship most of their products in the continental U.S. via ground shipping, but they do offer faster shipping methods. WeatherTech also ships outside of the continental U.S. and internationally.

WeatherTech has several tiers of warranties. Their rollup pickup truck bed cover has a lifetime warranty. Most of their products have a 3 year warranty that includes their laser measured floor liners.


Located in Winfield, Kansas, Husky Liners is another well known company that sells all types of liners, floor mats and products for cars, trucks and SUVs. All of their products are proudly made in the USA.

Husky Products

Husky sells all types of products for your car and truck including the following:

  • Floor mats and liners
  • Mud flaps and guards
  • Gearbox and truck storage boxes
  • Wheel well guards
  • Fender flares
  • Ball mounts
  • 5th wheel tailgate
  • Conrack/sunshade

At Husky, it is easy to find the right product for your vehicle. They make several types of floor mats and liners for all types of conditions and styles including the following:

  • The X Act Contour
  • Sporty all weather protection
  • Heavy duty
  • Tough and reliable workhouse
  • Classic style
  • The original all weather liner

To help customers find the best protection, they have a great section to help customers find the right mat and lining protect.

To find the right product for your vehicle, all customers have to do is enter in the year, make, model and body style.

Husky Shipping and Guarantee

Husky offers a lifetime guarantee on their products and as their website states, when they say it is guaranteed for life, they mean it. No fooling around and no problems.

Husky offers free shipping within the continental United States.

Max Liner

Max Liner is located in Orlando, Florida, and a division of Kramer America, Inc, which is an industry leader in the auto industry for designing, development and engineering of high quality auto products. Their main manufacturing facility is located in Thailand with two other facilities in South America. Their main flagship products are the Maxfloormat and the Maxtray cargo liners.

Max Liner Products

Max Liner sells vehicle floor mats and cargo liners for cars, trucks and SUVs. Their website shows many types of floor mats and liners for different vehicles with the prices clearly displayed or you can search for your own vehicle. Enter in the year, make and model of your vehicle and you will then get a list of prices.

Max Liner Shipping and Warranty

Max Liner offers a limited life time warranty on all of their MAXFLOORMAT and MAXTRAY cargo liners. The warranty covers all normal wear and tear guarantees that the product will not tear, break or deform under normal usage during the life of the original vehicle installation. This warranty is not transferable.

Max Liner offers free shipping.

Price Comparison

The following prices will show the difference in pricing for a 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT for a front floor liner:

  • WeatherTech lists a price for their laser fit liner as $109.95 for the front row only, and $179.90 for both the front and the back. All weather mats are not available for this car.
  • Husky Liner lists the price as $139.95 for their Weatherbeater mats for the front floor and back floor.
  • Max Liner did not show the Elantra or many other popular Hyundai models.

This price comparison for the 2015 Chevrolet Malibu are as follows:

  • WeatherTech all weather liner for the front row costs $54.95 and $109.95 for the front row laser fit floor mats. They do not show that they carry the back row for this car.
  • Huksy Liner Weather beater first and second row floor mats costs $139.95.  They do not show a front row price only, just the front and rear seats together.
  • Max Liner costs for the first row is $85.49 and for both the front and the back row, the cost is $143.98.

It seems hard to find exactly what you want for these popular models, since some companies carry only the front row and other companies carry both the front and the back seat.