WeatherTech vs Husky Liners vs Max Liner: Floor Mats Compared

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Weather Tech is an effective choice if you have an older car since they have more mat options. Husky Liners have features like StayPut cleats to help keep mats in place and contain spills. Max Liner is a good option for those who have trouble affording ma

Material science is improving with every day that goes by, and one of the results of this is increases in floor mat technology. Regardless of exactly what you need for protecting your car flooring from weather protection, to style, to any other concern, there’s a mat company out there for you. Here are a few examples of floor mat choices so that you can compare them and find the right one.


WeatherTech makes a number of accessories for cars, including floor mats. They’ve also been known to make home floor mats as well, but they seem to focus mostly on cars. You can call them at 800-441-6287.


  • Location Customization-You can choose to read the site in languages such as English, Spanish and other European languages. By clicking under “location/language” in the bottom right, you can instantly choose USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe or the U.K. for your location as well, to make sure the mats you’re buying match up to your area.
  • Norton Secured-If you click on the “secure shopping” link at the very bottom left corner of the main page, you’ll see a link for Norton. If you click here, you can get an up to date SSL certification verification from Norton. This verifies that the site is encrypted with the correct identity and malware free.
  • Select Car Floor Mat Easily-You can click on the “floor mats all weather” link on the site and then select the floor mat you want based on the Make, Year and Model for your car.
  • Weather Resistant Car Matts-These mats are designed to take all sorts of punishment form weather including drying out water, resisting salt and enduring cold without curling or taking damage.

Husky Liners

Husky Liners are a bit more high-end in terms of mat cost and capabilities, including especially rubber thickness and features like raised edges for mess containment.


  • Free Shipping-Husky Liners will ship a floor mat to you for free inside the continental U.S.
  • Lifetime Guarantee-Husky Liners guarantees products for life within the normal usage for car floor mats. This doesn’t apply to mats removed from where they were originally installed, however.
  • Thick Cleats-Husky Liners has “StayPut Cleats” that are thick and designed to make sure the floor mats don’t shift.
  • Raised Perimeter Edge for Containing Messes-The mats have higher edges than normal in order to make sure that any spill or other mess stays in the mat. They also have a number of ridges to make sure the water, dirt, mud or other external substance doesn’t spread into the rest of the car.
  • Find Local Dealers-If you want to go and buy a mat in person, you can use the “Find local dealers” link to see which businesses near you sell them. The site actually integrates Google maps to give you an instant way to navigate to any of these locations.

Max Liner

Max Liner has some unique features like their free financing option and their free shipping that arrives in 3 days.


  • Free Shipping-Max Liner also offers free shipping in the lower 48 States to help you save money on purchases. According to the site, this will actually arrive in 3 days.
  • Life Time Warranty-You can also get a full warranty for the lifetime of the product after you buy. This is only if it stays in the same vehicle, and it guarantees the product won’t deform, break or tear. You have to call them at 877-572-6227 in order to get a warranty claim replacement.
  • Free Gadget Extras-The site often offers free extras, such as a free power pack charger if you buy a full set of floor mats with them.
  • Bill Me Later-You can use PayPal to get free financing on floor mats if you want. You don’t have to pay or get charged extra interest for 6 months as long as you pay the full amount by them and spend $100 or more. It’s important to note you’ll likely get paid back interest if you fail to pay in time, however.
  • Select Make and Model from Main Page-One thing that makes finding floor mats for your car easier is the fact that Max Liner has the selector for make and model right on their main page at the top. This means that you don’t have to hunt around for it.

Head to Head


Examples of pricing from Weather Tech includes $100 for an all-weather floor mat set for first and second rows for a 97 Honda Accord, for example. A non-car outdoor mat 24 inches by 39 inches costs around $30.

Husky Liners has a 97 floor mat from Honda at $67, but this doesn’t appear to be a complete set like what you get at WeatherTech.

Max Liner doesn’t appear to sell floor mats for older car models. The oldest Honda Civic model they had was 2006. The cost for this is $90. This is for a Maxtray cargo liner, which is a little different.

Overall, it seems that at least with this one example, Weather Tech has the most variety for mats since they offer them even for much older models. Husky Liners had a bit less variety, and Max Liner doesn’t seem to offer mats for cars like Honda Civic as much at all.


Weather Tech does take returns, but you have to return them in their original box and unused. You’re also responsible for shipping. You can call for support 7 am until 10 pm or later Central time, every weekday and until 8 on weekends. There’s also an email address on their contact page.

According to the Husky Liners site, many mats such as the “Front Floor Mat” get high ratings, in this case, 4 stars. People can rate right on the site, and there are plenty of negative reviews, and many other reviews off-site give them high ratings as well, so this seems legit. The “Contact Us” link on the main page gives a form email for getting help, or else a phone number you can call during business hours on weekdays.

Support for Max Liner is a bit easier than other sites since you can just click on the “leave a message” box in the bottom right of the main page, add in your name and email under “Introduce Yourself,” add a message in the “message” box, and then click “send Message” to get your concern out extra quick.