Ways to Nourish Lasting Friendship

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What is or who is a friend? There is a saying that "When the lake is full the frogs gather and croak, but when the lake is dry the frogs disappear. " How sad if we have to find out who our friends are only in times of need...

"What or who is a friend?  There is a saying that "When the lake is full the frogs gather and croak, but when the lake is dry the frogs disappear."  How sad if we have to find out who our friends are only in times of need.  "A friend in need is a friend indeed." 

It would be very useful for all, especially the rich and those in positions of power, to look around them to see who their real friends are, who will still be around when the wells runs dry.  How then does one detect a true friend from "passerby" or the "opportunists"?

What is a true friend? 

According to a renowned author:

  • A true friend will not hesitate to tell you when he/she thinks you are wrong.  His/her criticism will always be constructive, and though his/her says may prick your conscience, and may even hurt your feelings, you will on reflection realize that he/she is doing this for your own good.
  • A true friend can be detected by his/her attitude towards you, totally unaffected by your wealth or status.
  • A true friend does not only be friends those who can do something for you in return and thus their friendship is no more than an exercise in barter.

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According to a renowned author, the world needs love in the form of friendship that cares and shares, that seek no favor and harbors no fear.  A friend who tries to elevate one to higher values of life.  If you have such a friend, you have  precious diamond." (Jagadeesan, 01)

How to nurture lasting friendships

From East and West Series there are tested ways to nurture lasting friendships:

  • Accept them as they are.  Permit your friends to be themselves.  Accept them as they are.  Be grateful for what is there, not annoyed by what friends can't give.  Don't feel threatened if their opinions and tastes sometimes differ from yours.  Accept each other's uniqueness and imperfections.
  • Give and receive.  Be ready to give and receive.  Be eager to help and ask for help as well.  But don't be over-demanding or let yourself be used.
  • Listen to your friend.  Make your advice constructive When a friend needs to talk, listen without interruption.  Be positive and supportive if advice is needed.
  • Give each other space.  Friendship who try to invade the inner space of another risk destroying the relationship.
  • Trust your friends.  Make the effort to believe in the intrinsic goodness of friendship.
  • Be loyal.  It means being with your friend in bad times as well as in good times.  You do not allowed others to backbite your friend.
  • Words of praise and encouragement. Tell them what you like about them and how thankful you are for their presence in your life.   Delight in their talents and applaud their successes.
  • Be honest.  Express your feelings, bad or good, instead of bottling up your anger or anxiety.  Open communication is the essence of friendship.
  • Be willing to take the risk.  We often fear being rejected or hurt.  We don't want to reveal our vulnerability.  We condemn ourselves to a sterile life unless we dare to have others.
  • No number one.  Treat friends as equal.  In a true friendship, there is no number one.  There should be no room for showing off how smart and successful you are, for envy, for feeling inferior or superior.

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