Ways to celebrate American Heart Month in February

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These are low-cost ways to celebrate American Heart Month in February. Everyone can put these suggestions to use. From CPR classes to bulletin board displays, there's no reason not to participate in American Heart Month in February.

There are many ways to celebrate American Heart Month in February. Each month is recognized for something. There are quirky designations and serious designations. Heart health is important. For some, this may be the most important month of the entire year.

The reason this month is so important is because heart attacks are known as “silent killers”. This is because we too often fail to recognize the signs and symptoms until it is too late.

See your healthcare provider

One of the ways to celebrate American Heart Month on a personal level is to visit our doctor or health care provider. This can often help stop problems before they progress and help you understand your risk for developing heart disease.

Create a bulletin board display 

Another one of the ways to celebrate American Heart Month in February is to contact your local office of the American Heart Association. They can steer you toward information and pamphlets to educate about cardiovascular disease in general. These are perfect to help decorate a bulletin board at work, church or at school. It’s a great way to raise awareness about the disease and all that the American Heart Association does.

Host a CPR class

There is a way to celebrate American Heart Month in February that can help save lives. There is never a bad time to host a CPR class at your place of business, worship or school.

Putting a class together is as easy as calling the American Heart Association, your local chapter of the Red Cross or making a phone call to the education or outreach department of your local hospital.

Any of these organizations can help you arrange for the class to happen. You will be advised of how many participants you will need to make up the class, the size of the space that is needed, cost and other details.

Wear Red Day

Heart attacks are the #1 killer of women. You can Go Red for Women on February 4 to help raise awareness. Annually, 1:3 women will die of cardiovascular disease. Helping women understand this risk is seldom discussed. Opening the discussion is one of the ways that you can celebrate American Heart Month in February. A list of other resources is available on the Go Red website.

Put it in the company e-newsletter

Putting it in your company’s e-newsletter is a cost effective way to get the word out to all your co-workers at the same time. Ask for permission to include a 2-3 sentence write-up in the newsletter and post a link to a heart association or Red Cross website.

There are lots of ways to celebrate American Heart Month in February. Which one will you choose?

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