Vilnius Travel Guide: The Kalvariju Market Vilnius, Lithuania - Where the Locals Shop

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The Kalvariju market in Vilnius Lithuania is not the biggest or the best Vilnius market, but if I had to choose one market to visit in Vilnius it would be this one. If you are one of those travelers that goes to local markets in order to get a glimpse of how the real people live away from the tourist areas then this is the market for you. Not only is it overflowing with local character it is easy to get to and closer to the Vilnius Old Town than the larger Gariunai market.


The Kalvariju market in Vilnius is located at 6 Kalavariju Street. To reach this Vilnius market walk across the Green Bridge and keep walking straight until you get to the market on your right. Bus number 10 will also get you there from outside the Cathedral but it is a pleasant walk. A Vilnius taxi can also take you to the Kalvariju market from your hotel.

Kalvariju market Vilnius open hours

The Kalvariju market in Vilnius is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 07:00 and 12:00.

What has the Kalvariju market in Vilnius got to offer

As you approach the Kalvariju market you will see individuals selling to sell stuff they have brought, a lady with six eggs trying to sell them individually, a man with a box of cameras made in the good old CCCP and more. Once you enter there are stands selling a variety of foods, clothes and gadgets. One table displays a traditional stack of pastry wrapped in cellophane; another table displays fresh herbs in large bunches; fresh honey is on sale and you can taste the various kinds before you buy. Most of the Kalvariju market in Vilnius is outdoors but there are also a few large warehouse type building where you can buy meat, cheese and other food produce.

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In the fish section there are large tanks of live fish to choose from. In the meat section look out for the pig's ears of all shapes and sizes, and in the dried meat hall you will also see two old ladies selling sauerkraut (pickled cabbage)from large barrels which they dip into with a metal cup.

You won't find know off brand names here or foreigners running the market stalls, this Vilnius market is local only. At one end of the market there are stalls selling potatoes fresh from the ground, still covered in mud, although someone told me that they put the mud on to cover the potatoes imperfections.

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Most of the clothing at this Vilnius market went out of fashion a few years back, but there is plenty to see and definitely some items worth buying, like the underwear, jackets and scarves.

vilnius shopping

You can bargain with the stall owners but the prices are low enough and you can tell that these people need the money, these are not the wealthy Lithuanians these are the common people.

If you enjoy getting away from the tourist oriented city center then you will love the Kalvariju Vilnius market.

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