Vilnius Travel Guide: AJ Sokoladas - Vilnius Old Town Chocolate Store and Cafe

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This is a store selling homemade chocolate in every shape and form as well as doubling as a cozy café. As you enter the aroma of chocolate and coffee hits you as does the mouth watering display of chocolates on the store counter. Each individual chocolate is labeled displaying the chocolates filling and main ingredients. The store is spotlessly clean and the staff helpful and friendly as they assist you in selecting from the huge variety of chocolates. You won't find this kind of quality chocolate in any Vilnius market.

While sipping your hot chocolate have a look around at the exquisite décor, especially the colorful inlayed ceiling design. The wooden furnishing and wood paneled walls add to the chocolate atmosphere. The store front has large glass windows so you can do some people watching while you have your coffee or tea break. In the store window there is a large scene of Alice at the Mad Hatter's tea party all made out of chocolate!

vilnius chocolate store

Among the delights in this store there are chocolate truffles, coconut chocolate, mint chocolate, alcoholic chocolate, eggnog liquor cream chocolate, chocolate covered ginger, nuts cream and fruit chocolate, chili chocolate and chocolate rolled in cinnamon sugar. White chocolate, brown milk chocolate and dark bitter chocolate is used. Like the tea shop next door AJ Sokoladas have pretty boxes and gift wrap ribbons so that you can select a few small chocolates and have them wrapped up as a gift. The aroma of freshly ground coffee and the mouth watering display of chocolates will make this a favorite spot for a coffee break.

AJ Sokoladas has similar chocolate shops in Gedimino Avenue and Constitucijos Avenue in Vilnius as well as in the Lithuanian cities of Kaunas, Klaipeda, Trakai, Duskininkai, Siauliai and Mazeikiai. The AJ Sokoladas store in Vilnius Old Town also makes chocolates for special events and parties.

The AJSokoladas website is in Lithuanian, French and English and offers a service they call Love Post! You choose a greeting card from their store and write your message in it then send the card to your loved one announcing that they have "Love Mail" waiting for them at the Chocolate shop. You can remain anonymous or name a time and day for the love mail to be "collected" and then meet your lover there. Of course there will be a romantic selection of chocolates waiting for them at AJ Sokoladas.

chocolate store vilnius

AJ Sokoadas is on Pilies Street in Vilnius Old Town where you will also find the Gruman's Tea Shop and the Number 1 Linen Store, each of these stores is worth visiting not only for their products but also for their unique Lithuanian character.

For other interesting Vilnius restaurants and cafes try Pink Milkshake, Sue's Indian restaurant or Prie Angelo in the Uzupis district.

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